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I am absolutely positive that somewhere in my iTunes lurks a pocket of music I don't hate. For reasons known only to the Mac gods, the shuffle function only likes to play tracks that have been played out for years and remind me of the dark years (those parts of my life when I may have thought it was a good idea to draw all over my face with liquid eye liner. I say 'may' because I refuse to admit that it ever happened, and maintain that any face drawing is a cruel photoshop joke my parents are playing on me). The reason iTunes is on shuffle is because I'm running around the new apartment trying to make sure I'm not forgetting to put any of the usual necessary home things on my list. Yes, new apartment.

I'm really starting to hate moving. Mostly because it's expensive as fuck. Oh, and the giant ball of frustration that I'm not publicly giving name or description to out of respect for the people involved. I really don't enjoy losing friends over something this stupid, and I enjoy it even less when it's a close friend electing to stay involved with said giant ball of frustration instead of remaining friends.

As far as good news, I finally got the equipment necessary to look at the tapes from my first day shooting 'real' web content and now get to start trying to edit video. Good times.

This is really entertaining right now:

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