ermu082408-big-mike-emmagency2.JPG(Las Vegas,NV)- The day started out strange for us as we were informed by the Mandalay Bay  that they were sold out for the next two days and I needed to check out and try to check back in when they had a cancellation. Our original reservation got all messed up when my A! Entertainment partner who is in Canada was informed that he needed to bring his credit card to the front desk to book another night. We tried for hours to work out the "out of country" dilemma and after several frustrating phone calls we just gave up. I packed my bag and had Jon Jon(The New A Crew Guy), come and pick me up from the Mandalay and bring me to the Orleans where the crew was staying. I was going to have to share a room with them for the night while we figured it all out.

ermu082408-allenk-emmagency80.JPGWe all went down to the registration area for the Expo and picked up our media passes for the rest of the week, they were being very tight on the paperwork and there were a few hick ups for some  people but thankfully none for  the A! Crew had a problem. The head photographer for the New England based Xtreme Magazine was having trouble, apparently his editor booked his flight, his room, and then forgot to book his media pass.

While at the registration desk, I was able to meet up with Pete from HellHouse Media and we sat for a while with the guys from Spike TV to see if we were all on the same page and to go over what we wanted to get accomplished during the show. They were going to follow the A! Crew for a day and bring the footage back to spike, I am not sure yet where it will be seen, but you know I will let you know when I know.

My friend from Gent Magazine and Adult Industry News came by and interviewed Gia Nova and Rachelle Laree. I was trying to get that out of the way so we would not be late for the Erotic Heritage Museum grand opening that we were covering in only a few hours.

The museum opening was better than I expected, I mean how exciting could it be, a bunch of old sex toys and pictures? Let me tell you it was a good time. We were met at the door by some very beautiful ladies who were handing out glasses of champagne as you walked in.ermu082408-allenk-emmagency94.JPG

When you open the door from the parking lot it takes you to the store area where you would normally purchase your tickets to the museum, it was free for the grand opening, and to browse the various souvenirs that are for sale at the museum gift shop. They had some really cool things there, from print art to coffee cups.

Then you walk into the lobby of the museum where there is a long hallway of life sized cut outs of most of your favorite porn stars, some of the displays had the stars moldings, you know butt, boobs, penis, and vagina. (Kobi Tai's ass felt so soft). We had some fun in the hallway of fame and then made our way into the actual display part of the museum.

There were so many different things to see; the history of sex toys, the first printed erotica and many similar erotic history items. Harry Mohney was in attendance as were many of the owners and managers from the Déjà vu clubs, Hustler clubs, and the Scores limo bus pulled up with a group of people,I think half of the Flint empire was was there as well. It was nice to see so many people celebrating the sex industry or the history of it.

The entire crew from Xbiz and Xfanz arrived a short while after our crew and then Sunny Lane who is contracted with the DejaVu clubs for signings and dance bookings arrived and went around with the A! crew and did some very cool clips about the museum and its contents. Sunny has her own wall mural in the museum.

There were some live bondage shows going on throughout the night which were very different from the things I have seen in Hollywood. At one point there was a woman strapped into a cart type device and her legs were strapped up in the air, I have to say it was very sexy and I was turned on for the first time by this type of thing, I guess it showed in my face because the master rolled her over to where I was sitting and positioned her right in front of me to stare at, that bright red latex outfit and her forced camel toe still stick in my mind. Thank you House Of Gord, that was so sexy

Bravo, Erotic Heritage Museum, Bravo!!!

We had to break away from the fun though because it was almost time for the Exotic Dancer and StorErotica opening night party at the Rum Jungle. I will have to tell you all about that party and everything that happened in a part II of this story.

Here is a tease though, Jill Kelly was there with Sean Michaels, and Devon made it to a function

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