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Get your own fucking name

So I've learned that Freeones.com is a good way to guage how popular girls in this industry are on searches. I stop by the site every now and again. Of course there is the vain desire to see where I stand, but now that I'm running a website it is also a tool to decide who else to shoot with. Freeones has kissed my forehead today. I'm happy with where I ended up on the popular search list. I'm not happy about the new girl in town.

Quickly- How many people have even heard the name Kayden before? I hadn't. I pulled it out of a baby name book. It's a boy's name. It was spelled Caiden. I did a little sprucing up and added the "Kross" for the alliteration and called it a day. Since I started using this name a few more have popped up. Kayden Faye. Kayden Love. Whatever. I don't own "Kayden" but I still think they should do their own name creation if they're gonna choose unusual names.

And I haven't bitched until now. Now there is a Kayden Krush. Kayden Kross. Kayden Krush. Kayden Kross. Say that ten times fast. Then go tell the little girl that being in porn doesn't relieve her of the responsibility as an autonomous human being to generate original thought.


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