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Not Blogged and Block Party

So I know I haven't blogged for a little while. I keep losing the login info for the site and so forth because I'm using a computer from my soon-to-be-ex-husband which is a piece of crap and breaking because it's a little outdated. (Well, it's not that outdated but the screen is breaking, from what I don't know and I have to keep reseting it which means I lose all of the saved data.) Anyways, I went to a block party tonight with my great boyfriend, who I always refer to as my prince, Josh. We went to his friends' house (which I have hung out with before in the past). I was around a ton of little kids riding their razors, almost running me over with their bikes, and hanging out with their uptight parents. Now I was apprehensive going into this, nervous if knowing that they know if I do porn because you know that all the husbands are wondering what you're going to look like  and the wives saying to themselves, "Oh, I hope she doesn't flirt with my husband." Well, we were the "Cool Kids" of the block party because his friends were probably the only ones to not have kids so they were the adult version of the "Cool Kids" that all the parents remember themselves being pre-children.  Well, I was actually dressed pretty conservatively for the way that I normally dress. Yes, I do dress provocatively as in a shirt that shows my boobs off or my stomach, because come one, I have had 2 children so I do like to show off what I have while I still have it before I get older and have to cover it up or before I have stretch marks.  It turns out that one of the friends had told all the adults that there's a porn star coming to the block party so they were all looking for me. At the end of the night we were all drinking Jager-bombs, some parents drinking margaritas, and a woman comes up to us talking to us. She is talking to me about my children, well actually, I was trying to act normal by talking about my children so that she didn't get weirded out by my profession thinking the worst of me, because it really bothers me when other fellow mother's pre-judge me. And of course the first thing out of her mouth is, "JUST DON'T FUCK MY HUSBAND." I immediately told her, take a look at my man and don't worry that's nothing that you'll have to worry about.  She still didn't believe me because she repeatedly said this to me, now this could of been because of the amount of alcohol that she had retained or that she was genuinely worried that I may fuck her husband.  "I'm sorry but my guy is younger, better looking and I know for a FACT IS far better in bed than your husband will ever be", is what I would have liked to say to her, but no I took the high road and just tried to reassure her the nice way that I wouldn't fuck her husband.  Don't you just love uptight, drunk, sexually repressed women.


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