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Holy Shit. I'm not sleeping at my house tonight. The spider thing has gotten to me. I came home and there was a pretty sizeable web in the lower corner of my entry way. No big deal right? I clean these things up all the time. A quick swipe of the broom should do it.

But there were bird feathers in the web. First of all, how did a bird get in my house? That alone is a valid question. But more importantly, what is big enough to eat a fucking bird! I cleaned the place top to bottom. No godzilla spiders have shown themselves yet... but I don't want to lose a digit in my sleep because the thing got that 4th meal craving that Taco Bell won't stop pushing. It's just not worth the risk.

And I know I'm over reacting. If a spider really did eat a bird in my house there would be a little webbed husk with a beak poking out of it or something to that effect. But maybe not. Spiders clean their webs. Maybe it happened the day I left and the culprit had all weekend to dispose of the remains. And Jesus Christ I have to find the opening that giant spiders and small birds are using as an entrance to my house. What else is getting in? This whole situation is unsettling.

And the poor bird...

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