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Tricia Devereaux

Tricia Devereaux

my assistant got herself some new boobs

Anyone who knows me very well at all knows that I oppose unneeded plastic surgery. However, what's considered needed is a very personal decision.

For example, I've always hated the little bump in the middle of the bridge of my nose. If John didn't hate plastic surgery SO much, I probably would have gotten it fixed years ago. Even though every one of my friends swears that they don't see a problem with my nose. But *I* see it and it makes me unhappy when I look at pics of myself. And that's what matters.

Breasts are an even more personal body part, and a female is probably going to be harsher about her own breasts than about someone elses.

Shortly after starting work at Evil Angel last year, the lovely Miss Sarah Doom mentioned that she wanted to get her boobs done. Never having seen her sans a good bra, I had no idea why she thought she needed better or bigger boobs. Eventually, after months of me telling her that she didn't need a boob job, Sarah showed me that her boobs weren't as full as they should be. And even though I didn't think her chest looked like she needed to rush into elective surgery... I guess I can admit that I saw what she was unhappy about.

I realized that me wanting a nose job, but yet trying to talk Sarah out of a boob job was terribly hypocritical. So I switched to telling Sarah that I think she looks great, but if an enhancement will make her happy, then I'm happy for her.

Anyway, Sarah has a little blog up at http://www.boobsofdoom.blogspot.com/. I'm hoping that sooner than later, she'll post pics of her new boobs, which she showed me yesterday.

Sarah... take some more Vicoden. The last video blog you posted makes me hurt just imagining how much pain you're in. :(

-September 25, 2008

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