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The Horny Housewife

The Horny Housewife

Music in Porn pisses me off

Whats the deal with these porn producers that feel the need to add music to their movies that run the entire scene? When is the last time you watched a really hot gang bang or girl on girl and thought to yourself, "wow that was hot but if only shitty elevator music was playing in the background it would have been hotter." I am a woman and think producers add it to appeal to us but you know what its lame and it needs to stop. I feel the sex and the caliber of girl in the scene should speak for itself and the bullshit extras need to be dropped. Imagine buying a Lamborghini Murcielago then adding neon lights, fuzzy dice, cool extra loud exhaust pipes, and a big horrible sticker on the back window. The same thing happens in a lot of the porn made and it really sucks and takes away more than it will ever add. I know i know different strokes for different folks but you know what i don't care i think if porn wants to move forward it needs to drop the gimmicks and get down to great looking action and a more natural feel. If I want an MTV video I will watch MTV.

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