Nice And Blurry Like A Sex Tape Should Be

Nice And Blurry Like A Sex Tape Should Be

(Tampa,Fl)- With the 16th Annual Nightmoves show beginning in only a week, and I began to think back at the past few years and the crazy things that happened.

Last year there was the big pool party incident where I invited a couple of hookers to the industry only after party. It seemed so right at the time, but after they invited their pimp with them and he sat in the adult only area, well things got out of hand. The guy seemed like an OK guy and even bought two nice bottles of good liquor to bring to our little after show party.

Apparently while the two girls were giving me a double blow job on one side of the pool, their guy got into an argument with a few of our guys and action broke out. It all ended OK and the only real sad ending was the fact that I did not have a happy ending.

Then there was two years ago when we did this club where myself, Dennis Hof and Ron Jeremy were emcee's for the night. When we arrived at the club they had a nice VIP area for us and a table filled with all the booze and mixers we wanted, I had a few drinks with Jason Sinclair and then left to do my microphone gigging. When we were finished with the contest, Jason was out cold on his feet. He was still standing but was almost unconscious from drinking so much. He passed out in the bathroom back at the hotel and if it were not for his protector Tricia Devereaux, He may have never made it back to California.

This was the same year that Devinn Lane defeated Alex Monstar in the finals of the UN official pillow fighting championship, which was held in Monstar's room, so much for the home field advantage.

Then there was the year that Mike South decided to shoot Lexi Lamour for a mini Bukkake in his hotel room. Everything was going great, Gidget was fluffing on the other side of the room and everyone seemed to be doing fine when there was a knock at the door. No one answered and figured they would go away. Then right as I step up to the plate, I'm in front of Lexi and ready to finish my part if you know what I mean. Right at that moment, the lock on the door turns, and the door begins to swing open. "Room Service" the maid yelled as she opened the door. We all turned our heads toward the door, well I only turned the top head that way and as they closed the door on the maid and Lexi was looking the other way, it just happened, it just came out. I now hear there is a fetish going around where the guy cums in the girls ear. Been there done that. On occasion Lexi still punches me in the arm when she sees me, just because.

The Nightmoves Awards show is not the biggest, not the most expensive show there ever was. What the Tampa Nightmoves show really has is a bunch of great fans, a Nightmoves Magazine staff that is great to everyone and could be your friend even with out the business part. And the most fun you can have surrounded by a bunch of your porn star friends. It's also the first time I got to sit down and talk to Jenna Jameson. At the time it was a huge deal to me.

This is only one guy's stories and I bet you can find a million of there if you talked to all the people that have attended the Nightmoves show before. We leave on Friday October 10th for Tampa; I can almost guarantee I'll have another page of stories when I get back to Los Angeles.

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