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(Tampa, FL/A! Entertainment News)-It's day two for the show as far as I am concerned and it's already Saturday. We are scheduled to bus the caravan to the Gold Club in Brandon Florida and if you can remember last years show, the Gold club was crème of the crop of places we got to go. Hell "Velvet Revolver" even stopped in last year after their concert. Rock stars and Porn stars always seem to be a fun mix at a party.

We all got on the party bus and headed over to the Gold club which was a lot closer to the hotel than the last few places we went. I didn't even fall asleep this time. We arrived at the club a few minutes early, which never happens in the adult industry but we had all of our ducks in a row this time.

When we entered the club the staff had glasses of champagne for all of us as we walked in, a nice touch to a great welcome. The club was excited to have us and that makes an appearance so much better. There was a section where all of the stars could sit at tables and show their wares. DVDs, posters, 8×10 glossies, Polaroid's and things like that were being sold and the fans seemed to love it.

I had a drink or two then made my way up to the DJ booth which is upstairs next to the dancer's dressing room, I love my job most of the time and this is one of those times. I met the DJ in charge and we talked about the way the night was scheduled to go. Wild Bill is one hell of a DJ and he did an excellent job interacting with me and the caravan. That seems so average but let me tell you not all club DJ's know how to work well with others. You rocked the night Wild Bill and we thank you.

 After eating an incredible dinner buffet provided by the club for us, it was time for me to get the caravan together so we could bring them out on stage one by one and let the fans at the Gold Club see everyone up close. Every thing went as planned but there was one funny moment when I introduced male porn star Jack Vegas. I announced he was so good at his job in the beginning that he got to bypass the "Having to do gay porn to break into the industry" rule which is an inside joke we make all the time when guys come up and ask "How do I get in the business". The problem with the joke is that Jack only hears he did gay porn, and he got a bit upset. Being the professional that he is, after punching me hard in the ribs, he did his walk and went back to his seat. I got word later that Vegas wanted to meet me outside and punch me again, hazards of the emcee job I guess. It took Alex Monstar showing Jack a replay of the video where he missed some of the comment before he began to laugh and say "That fucker, I wanted to beat his ass for saying that". Jack and I had several drinks together and laughed about it all night long.

A few of the girls went on stage and danced, it was really a good time because the crowd was into it the entire night, everyone seemed happy and I think it's because the people at the Gold Club know how to throw a party and treat the stars well.

Somewhere in the night I met this girl at the club, let's call her 'Tampa Girl' for now since I am not sure she wants to be exposed to the public. All I can say is I was flirting with her and she was flirting back. I invited her back to the hotel for our now famous after party pool party. For just a second I thought back to last year when I invited girls to come back to the pool and got in a bit of trouble, but this hot girl knew everyone so I figured this one would be fine. I think she had her own pass and didn't need my invitation anyway. I was trying to make sure she knew I wanted her to be with me when we went back. I was hoping that all the flirting would pay off before the sun came up the next day.

I got to hang out with her at the after party and I could have ended the show right there, I really liked this girl, she was perfect for me. But alas there was still tomorrow, the apex of the event, the actual awards show, the big night was next so I have one more story to tell you later on.

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