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Hot Blondes, Big asses, Sexy Asians, and dark pussy!

A lot of guys have a certain type of girl they like. It could be Blondes, brunettes, big asses, big tits, teens, MILFs, etc... I have a friend who is only interested in blondes. We can be out somewhere and the hottest Latina could walk by with her tits hanging out and he won't even look. I can't understand why and we always argue about it. I tell him he's close-minded and missing out and he says I'm a pervert and that I would fuck anything that walks. I really wouldn't fuck anything that walks, but I can usually find something on a girl that makes me want to fuck her. 

I thought about my friend today, because I was shooting two girls that are both extremely sexy in completely different ways. I was doing layouts for Genesis magazine and my first girl up was Alexis Texas. Alexis is the Jennifer Lopez of porn. She is very popular in XXX because of her large perfect ass, but she also has a cute freckled face and nice natural tits.I have to admit I could not stop staring at her ass. She's the kind of girl who loves being naked and showing off her body. Every time someone would look at her ass, she would shake it, wiggle it, bounce it, or squeeze it. It's pretty amazing how such a tiny girl could have such a big sexy ass. I was going to write about how her cute face and natural tits get overlooked because of her butt. As soon as typed the word ass, I started to think about hers and I lost my train of thought. Ok. Back to her ass. It was to big to fit in the make up chair. The only thing that could make that ass better is a sexy little pussy that sticks out when she bends over and Alexis has that also.

My next girl was the exotic Asian beauty Gianna Lynn. She has beautiful face, big tits, and sexy tan skin. I love when girls have dark skin and around the pussy the skin is even darker. It makes you just want to put your mouth on it. I also love her dark nipples. 

While Alexis is the type to show off her body, Gianna seems to be a little bit shy and keeps to herself. I think when a girl is shy it makes guys want to fuck them even more. I was thinking more about fucking her when she was walking around in her robe, then while I was shooting her spreading her legs for me. Once she is in front of camera though she really turns it on and definitely seems to love what she does. Gianna came in today with a reality crew following her for a show called "Secret Lives of Woman" so check it out. You will be able to see both girls in upcoming issues of Genesis. Here are a couple extra images:


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