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Los Angeles, Berlin, Phoenix, Albuquerque, NY, and that's not counting the lovely couple of hours I spent bonding with fellow smokers in the Atlanta airport and looking for edible food at Houston Hobby airport. I mention the full name of Houston Hobby because I think it's really cute. So many airplanes, it's a great chance to catch up on my sleep and reading. The signings in the southwest this month were really awesome. The staff of the Castle Megastores there totally rocks, and most of the 'fans' that came to see us were super awesome and nice. It's getting harder to keep up with all of the emails and myspace messages, but hopefully the new phone from today will actually work reliably for a few months straight. I'm like kryptonite to phones, I swear. I keep them away from water, don't drop them often if at all, and only throw them at hard surfaces once they've quit working. No matter what I do they still appear to have an expiration date of six months. Oh well.

Berlin was very interesting. Note to self: bring enough parliaments to last the full trip next time. Also interesting, it was impossible to find Pepsi anywhere. Does CocaCola have a monopoly on the European market or is it just the area of Germany we were in? I wonder... I'd like to go back and really explore some time, but we did get to see Checkpoint Charlie and a few other sites the last day of the trip. I got to have a bit of fun one of the nights at the disco in the hotel as well. From what I've seen I like the music they play in clubs there, and this particular one had some really hot gogo dancers to watch.

I'm booked for a Celeste movie mid November that sounds like it will be really fun, which is exciting. It looks like I won't have been properly laid for a week beforehand so I'm sure I'll be clawing the walls out of sexual frustration by the time we shoot. My better scenes seem to have been driven by sexual frustration though, so this might turn out to be a really good thing. In the meantime, I'll continue trying to find a US to Euro 2 prong adapter for the toys that the kind folks at LeLo were nice enough to drop off at the Digital Playground booth for me to test drive.

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