(Hollywood, CA/A! Entertainment News) - The night of gules and goblins was upon us. The actual night of Halloween came on Friday night and it was finally time for what was advertised to be the porn party of the year. The X-Play Not Bewitched XXX- SexZ Pictures Halloween costume party was held at the Social Club in Hollywood California right on the famed Sunset Boulevard.

The red carpet was set outside the club and the lights were bright and shiny when we arrived around 9pm. The city of Hollywood was crazier then the usual crazy the weirdest city in the world serves up so it took us an hour to get to an actual legal parking garage. Once we arrived at the entrance area where the velvet ropes and the red carpet was set up I noticed that the paparazzo was already set up along the crowd control fences. This was normal but the strange part was the fact that there was only a couple of video crews on the carpet, the rest of them were relegated to the outer edge of the area and my two choices of crews that I normally work with were both on the outside.  I was in the mood to party anyway so I was just going to go inside and start the drinking.

I was a bit confused as I watched the sexy costumed porn stars walk the carpet and enter the party, there was some rule about the press not coming into the club until later in the night, I waited outside for a bit to find out what was going on then Jeff Mullen handed me my wristbands and I headed in. Remember this is a crazy nigh and there are people everywhere and even walking from one area to the next was like a mission.

I met up with Joanne inside the VIP area which was packed already; Joanne just started her new job at the Free Speech Collation , we got a couple of Vodka and Grapefruit drinks and I began to grill her, about her new job, "Good, Good" was all I could get out of her. It was as much information as I got out of Brianna Banks a little later in the night. Brianna looks very sexy in her costume but she was not giving up the goose on her leaving Vivid and starting her own company. She may have contract girls, production may have already started, and we just could not get a concrete answer from her. That's why we love her though, that and her sexy body.

We had a nice talk with the legend Nina Hartley in the middle of the dance floor. Hartley played a fun role in the Not Bewitched XXX movie and since it was a party for the movie we asked her about it and she seemed really pleased with how her role turned out and we have to agree with her, so does a great job in the movie. On a totally different note, I think Nina is still so very sexy and I would, well, I would love to, you know...

The names were sure out in force for this porn party. Teagan Presley, Devon, Nina Hartley, Brianna Banks, Tory Black, Alexis Texas.  I mean there were some great women there. There was a crew of LA Direct Model girls there that were just stunning. I can't remember all the names because they really did not say much to me throughout the night. The group of girls that came with Lee Bang from Valley Babes XXX were just as hot, I have to say their group of hot girls has been very nice lately; they seem to be making a run at the bigger agencies for hot girls. September was there from A List Talent, Joel Lawrence was there from Gold Star Modeling, Mark Spiegler was there with the Spiegler Girls, Darby from Absolute Modeling, Number 1 models. Every agent in the business seemed to be there. In that sense it was a fully successful party.

If you can criticize a party for being too busy then this would be that one time too many people were there, I am not sure but I believe the club started letting the general public into the VIP room at some point and time and that may have over crowded the place. There was a good story though that came out of that situation. I met up with an attractive couple who made a point to stop me and tell me that they read the A Entertainment News on TonyBatman.com every day and when they red about this party they just had to come out and meet everyone in person. I am glad they did and it was a pleasure meeting them and hanging out. 

I also met up again with mainstream director Bryce Wagoner who told me my segment we taped for his movie Triple Exxxit- www.LifeAfterPornTheMovie.com ,  had made it into the movie, another IMDB credit for me and I am happy to be a part of it. They just finished shooting in San Francisco and were able to take a break to attend the party.

My only regrets of the night were the fact that I did not have a date and I did not walk the red carpet, I am sure once my new show begins to air that this will not happen too often after that, or it could remain the same, who knows how the adult industry will react theses days.

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