(Burbank,CA/A Entertainment News)- It was Tuesday night and it was time for the 269th Porn Star Karaoke night at Sardo's in Burbank, California. The girls Rude TV were hosting and the place was filled with industry people, hanging out, drinking, and yes singing, be it good or bad.

Keri Windsor, Nikita Denise, and  Stephanie Swift were there in a big booth having drinks and fun, Did you know Stephanie is a good singer ? There were a lot of girls there that I will for to add here, I was drinking Jack and coke in a tall glass all night. I do know that Kelly Divine and Cleopatra of the Nile were there looking very beautiful.

The Rude TV girls were hot, Cece Stone, Victoria Norton, Kayme, Kai, all looked good, and we have not made it official and public record, we love Emma Cummings Ass, (just thinking it out loud).

My friends from Tustin were there for a while, as was the A Entertainment crew, and the King Ryan Events crew. Even James Bartholet stopped by for a few drinks with Wankus.

The guy that played a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, I can't remember which on right now, was there, got drunk and decided to talk to everyone in a martial arts stance, funny and scary at the same time. Just like the Karaoke singing all night long, you have to see this place in person.