(Texas/A Entertainment News)-  When the nominations came out for the 2009 AVN Awards show, we noticed a few people on the list that we did not know. Being the whores we are here at the A Entertainment News we are making an attempt to meet and talk to every person on that list we don't already have relationships with.


In the category of "Web Starlet" we noticed a beautiful red headed woman named Ruby Day who ran a website called www.RubysDiary.com .  After staring at her pictures for hours we just had to find out more about this young lady from the Midwest.

Ruby Day is originally from Missouri, but has spent a good amount of time in the big state of Texas. We asked her which area is better and she would only say "You can call me a Texas girl now".

Ruby day has an incredible spark about her, and it seems to spread to everyone around her. Ruby told us that she is very much involved in EVERY aspect of Ruby's Diary, the website.  She tells us "I am very fortunate to have a super talented friend that helps me" Ruby goes on to say that she learned how to do things as well.

We asked Ruby what she was doing before she said to herself one day "Hey I think I'll start a website and start doing porn from my home"
Ruby said "I worked in the corporate world as a business analyst and quickly learned it wasn't a place for me.
I'm much happier being sexually expressive in the porn industry"
We ere wondering how the AVN Nomination came about, and Rudy told us, she came home one night and decided to check her email before bed, and there it was out of nowhere, an email from the AVN staff saying she had been nominated for "Web Starlet OF The Year" "It is an honor being nominated since I have only been on the web for less than two years, and it feel incredible to be recognized by the mainstream adult industry" Ruby went on to say.

We noticed a page on the site, where you can fill out a form to be on the site, it states you need testing, and several other safety percussion are listed. We are thinking she gets a bunch of hot babes and she does. We asked if she gets the common "I want to get in the business" from guys. And she said YES for sure, but isn't that every guys fantasy she asks.
The problem is that a huge percentage of the guys don't understand how difficult it is to "Perform" and most are not willing to go through all the testing and things.

We checked out the entire www.rubysdiary.com site and were thoroughly impressed, the pictures, the stories, the video, are all great. This is not you average home based adult site, this is an incredible display and portal for all the beauty that is Ruby Day.

We asked how the site got to be so good, so refined, and so modern. Who is the one person who has helped the most, who would you thank if you won the AVN award of "Best Web Starlet of the Year"

"Damien of www.BlackCatImageworks.com, he has been along side me from the beginning supporting me and putting everything he has into helping me conceptualize what only my minds eye can see" is the answer Ruby gave.

We will see what happen this January in Las Vegas, we wish Ruby luck and have already made drinking plans with her and her crew at a few of the crazy parties that are thrown during the AEE show.

See you all in Vegas in January, if you want to be part of the party crew, just contact us here at A Entertainment News. We are always looking to increase our "A! Crew"

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