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Beautiful and Icy Cold

Alaska is cold.

Fairbanks in particular will apparently be much colder than Anchorage. No, I haven't run into Sarah Palin. Yes, I'm getting tired of hearing jokes about it. Even Jess, who I can usually count on to be spectacularly original, had to get in at least three Palin jokes before we could continue catching up and chainsmoking.

Speaking of ridiculous, the person seated next to me on my flight out of Philadelphia prayed to Jesus every time the plane shook or someone near him coughed/sneezed. I can vaguely understand praying during takeoff and touchdown, but *every* time someone sneezes? Just get a sars mask and take some vitamins, man...

I can't find Parliament Lights here, and my phone doesn't really get signal. Not that I particularly mind having a brief respite from the constant phone calls of everyone from my mom (saying hi) to my childhood friend's aunt's neighbor's dog walker wondering if I can send them thirty movies and get the autographs of eight hundred performers (some of these eight hundred are long retired, dead, etc). Sure, no problem... but would you mind lending me a shovel so I can dig up the dead ones' bodies to ask them to sign that for you? I get pretty sarcastic when my body can't figure out what time zone it's in. What I really want to know is how these people even get my phone number, and if they can put in the effort to get the number, why they can't put in a little more to figure out what time zone I'm in and avoid waking me up at 3:30 am.

Alaska is icy cold, beautiful, and full of snow. Must remember to thank my dad for the 'kill the wabbit' hat, the ear flaps really do wonders to keep heat in.

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