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This Ain't Happy Days XXX"-
Porn Parodies have become a staple feature in the adult industry as we know it. After Not The MunstersXXX, Not Gilligan's IslandXXX Not The Brady'sXXX, Hustler Video is now ready to sex up another timeless classic that  we  all grew up with. This Ain't Happy Days XXX will be directed by Axel Braun and the project stars Alan Stafford as Richie and Tommy Gunn as The Fonz, Jack Lawrence as the every lovin pest "Ralph Malph" who's antics  we have  all come to  enjoy. Anthony Rosano as Potsie, Missy Stone as Joani, James Bartholet as Mr. C and Alan Stafford as Richie Cunningham. Jack Lawrence was nice enough to let me use the pics below from the set. Thank You Jack! You can also see the  video  of This  Aint  Happy DaysXXX  YouTube. com by searching 'Jack Lawrence TMZ'  also Entertainment Tonight aired a piece on the  classic  show getting a new look and  feel.

If you think of it, giving the  classic  shows of the  70's a  re-birth for the newer  generation that  didn't have the  pleasure of watching them as  first  run shows. It  doesn't mean that the  younger  generation will enjoy it more  or  any less for that matter only that we   know how  much  fun we had  relating to  each of  our  favorite  characters in  each  shows.
Hustlers  newest  soon to be  release " This Aint the Partridge Family XXX  caters to all the fantasies we all had  with David Cassidy and  Susan Dey.Who knows what  else these  companies have in store  for  us as  far as  sexing up all the  old  shows we  watched together as a  family. Could My Three Sons or The Courtship of Eddie's Father be next as a   parody?? Or even Laverne and Shirley?? Morky and Mindy?? The Addams Family?? I Dream of Jeannie.. Oh wait.. Jenna Jameson did that one... I Dream of Jenna but still that's not comparison to Major Nelson and Major Healey nailing Jeannie.. What ever they have in store of us I am sure that we all will be  anxious waiting  for it!


                                               This Ain't Happy Days XXX"


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