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The Horny Housewife

The Horny Housewife

Getting Savanna Samson'd in the industry

So lately I been watching some tube and I came across a show in showtime "Deeper Throat" about Vivid's attempt to re-make the porn classic Deep Throat. Following each show they  show they re-run's of Vivid's 2007 remake of Debbie does Dallas and I found something in that show that completely sent my wheels off the boat. In case you have not seen it porn Icon Savanna Samson is asked to play the role of Debbie's mother.  Yes Savanna Sampson was asked to take an elder role in the flick and she was completely offended and a bit taken back by this request. Now we all have or own issues with aging... hell I will turn 30 in a few short years and I already feel completely over the hill and can's stand the dreaded question of "how old are you." Can you imagine being wrapped up and all entangled within an industry that prides itself in giving us all younger, fresher, fitter girls and you are getting older within those parameters? I for one can imagine it must be one hell of a slap to the ego to go from the pride of your company to playing the mom of a hot new starlet fresh onto the scene. Getting Sampson'd in the industry must be one of the most difficult thing's in the world for an aging porn star who's best days in XXX are far behind them.  When or where does a person who chooses a full on career path of porn decide its time to wrap it up? It's not like the sports world where a baller like John Elway can win his two world championships and decide its time to step out gracefully.  In porn where does a girl Like Savanna decide her championship has been won and it is time to call it a career? Do any of us want to look at a film 5 - 10 years down the road and see anyone of are old fav's still sucking a cock on triple layer hif-def platinum holographic discs?  I know I don't.

Savanna never did play the role of Debbies mom but rather had a role reprisal written into the flick from one of her past roles "Miss Jones" from the Devil in Misses Jones.Yeah brilliant idea there Vivid.

Sometimes it's better to go out like a John Elway than to go out like a Joe Montana.

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