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yesterday i started filming for vivid again for the first time this year!! what a day...

i got there and michael handed me this digital camera telling me to point and

shoot all throughout the day...kind of like a blog..at first i thought it was kinda lame but then i started taking pictures

and i couldnt stop.When i arrived there was also a new girl here doing one of her first scenes for vivid.

And being the pervert that i am i immediatly knew who she was bc i had watched her brand new faces..lol

Amia Moretti...cool name huh?

she was first batter up at the plate with jerry ( whom ive also worked with...hes so f$%^&ing funny)

i got stuck in the break room for most of the scene so  i decided to take some more pics...

they wrapped and i got to know Amia a little more... shes so cute and full of energy!! we hit it off i cant wait to see the work she does!

During a 5 dollar footlong...

Paul Thomas shows up...yells and then leaves... i love him! lol

he looked suprised to see me...weird?

anyways, it was my turn and michael wanted me to do this"sexy  video" for youtube

that was funny..i danced and danced...and danced lol

alex gonz came to set

had a smoking session (to be honest...)

hes a great guy, great preformer...all of the above...

i have to say after being back on set...i woke up this morning sore ready for round two

JAMES DEEN....YOUR UP!!!.......

The candid pics we took before he scene are so funny...they look like xxx rated wedding photos lol

of course..scene went great..hes always on the ball..

one of m all time faves :)after lunch kristina rose showed up...shes so pretty

and  pulls off a great tease for the camera...

tomorrow  im working with mr pete    for the first time.

GDammit!! i went out last night and didnt go to bed til late...

this morning my phone rang like 3 time in a row but i ignored all of them...

come  to find out it was shylar calling to let me know the scene i had booked with him got cancelled and replaced with joey brass.

he was also a first.. hopefully not the last bc it was a good scene.

im glad to be back in the studio but i swear to god if michael calls me a cow again im gonna slap him! jk

xoxo-meggan mallone :)

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