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The Horny Housewife

The Horny Housewife

maybe its just me

I don't know if any of you have come across this crap on the net called "sleep creep." It you have not it's porn shot as if a girl were sleeping and some creep comes in and violates her holes. Yeah last time I checked this was called rape. I think Christopher Jack Reid aka Jack Venice is serving time in prison for something very similar to what this site produces as a form of entertainment. I know if I were sleeping and woke up to Anthony Rosano pumping my vag id be just a tad bit upset. Maybe its just me but I don't get it and don't find the premise in any way attractive at all.

Those were just my personal thoughts but now onto my business idea directed at the "sleep creep" think tank. Picture a  hospital Quadriplegic unit... this time they are awake but cant move.... we call the series.  "15 to life... should have stayed home and fucked the wife"

Millions in the bank.. count it.

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