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Aunt Gertrude

finally moved and the joys of pregnancy!

hey everyone!

sorry i've been M.I.A. for a while!!!! due to moving and turning our cable/internet off (we were sick of time-warner sucking balls and wanted to switch to direct tv anyway so, we just didn't bother to turn it back on) and then not moving at the last minute (we found out that there was a murder on the front lawn of the house we were about to rent).  attempting to blog from my sidekick was unsuccessful so, i decided to just wait until we were settled into our new place.  finally. we found a wonderful place in beverly hills and happily have our internet working again and have a gorgeous new home. i can't wait to start painting and decorating (especially the nursery!)

i'm sitting up watching various direct tv due to the crazy insomnia my pregnancy has brought on.  first, i couldn't sleep enough and now i'm unable to sleep until completely exhausted.  my OB prescribed me zofran since my nausea is completely intolerable and i am unable to eat.  at 5 months pregnant, my nausea should have subsided several weeks ago but, given it's me, who would have thought i would be one of those mild or symptom-free women.  

even though i've been pretty sick and on bed rest (due to my bad back), the baby is so far happy, healthy and is having a grand ol' time doing flips, backflips, and headstands. the ultrasounds are absolutely hysterical.  we find out the sex of the baby at my next ultrasound and are almost positive due to the baby's heart rate, activity in the womb and my ridiculous 24-7 sickness that it's a girl.  people keep asking us which we want and we both reply "we want a healthy, happy baby!".  i don't understand people who have these ridiculous expectations and then get enraged and treat their child like shit when they don't have the sex of their "dreams"....people like that just shouldn't have children...

as for upcoming projects, i am working on a billion different things from movies to starting a new non-profit organization.  i will fill you guys in on everything soon! right now i'm going attempt to get some shut-eye !!!!



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