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So if you pay attention to my twitter updates they've been fuckin bipolar roller coaster at best. I figured this needed some serious explanation, and I've been so swamped I havent blogged lately. Well as you know for like 2 months I've been searching for locations for a tattoo studio of my own. I had finally found the perfect place . . . so I thought. Basically several things happened involving people with ZERO business sense and the property fell through. But better in the start then once I had started the remodeling. Ive been pretty busy with my new female apprentice any who. Yes this "tattooJedi" has a padawan. She also wants to start shooting photos for Apathy International and myself so all you pervs can look foward to seeing an Adrenalynn 2.0 soon.

so in the middle of writing this my clothing sponsers send me this link whilst im smoking a bowl and bloggating

Side Note: I've not been smoking so much. I'm getting all healthy and starting to work out. Did the plank for a solid 2 minutes tonight ;] Almost bikini season. And when my horrible bang disaster of 09' grows out I'll be taking photos.

The point of the story I guess is that Lost Boys Inc [ my clothing sponser who was so supportive on that LA Ink think I'll address next] made this RADTASTIC video teaser. Its a teaser cause they have been workin on this video of me branding this motherfuckers neck for sometime now. Hehe I'm just teasin'.

LA Ink . . . what to say on that shit there. If you know me you known I've have had mad shit to say about tattoo reality shows. I mean I get asked about them daily working in a studio of my own. That meaning educated things about how it misleads the general public about the actual process of getting a tattoo or any body modification for that matter. IE: tattooing with no shoes on, WTF. Where I learned this is like rule numero uno you get. So I had this temporary lapse in sanity and applied for this like online popularity contest... to be on the show. I know.... So any way, I end up winning the vote count. And those pansy fruitcakes at "gotcast" don't even have the grapes to at the very least keep me informed on what happened or what is even going on. I must say I'm so sorry for directing your traffic there to vote for me :[

I have many new things and changes to make on my website, just haven't had the time. Hope you have been enjoying the polaroid pictures from my iPhone :] Went through a hard drive with Apathy the other day and found some lil clips of my goofy ass bootay shaking and what not I need to get on YouTube asap for ya! I also have a dominatrix I've been talking with. I dont want to say too much but I will be using her space soon for some photos and videos hopefully.
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