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New Movies, Puerto Rico, My role in a Mainstream Movie and what's to come!

 As most of us know, the Porn Parodying of mainstream hit movies and TV shows is very popular right now.  So my company, New Sensations, recently jumped on board and have been literally busting ass to put out some quality parodies.  AND they're really funny.  The first one we shot was "The Office: A XXX Parody".  I played Michelle Scott, who is really Michael Scott, but in female form.  Some questioned giving a lead male role to a female, but hey! It worked because that movie has been a major hit!! And it's really funny.  We've begun shooting webisodes for theofficexxx.com.  So look for those very soon! The next was "Scrubs: A XXX Parody".  Again, very funny! Very well casted and put together.  We made it on Jimmy Kimmel Live for it.  Zac Braff made an appearance in which he brought pictures of our cast comparing us to the "real" cast. That was pretty cool.  It was a really awesome feeling! That one releases May 26th.  The trailer is really funny! I'll post links at the end of this long ass blog for all this stuff I'm talking about LOL.  So THEN, there's "Seinfeld: A XXX Parody".  I honestly don't believe we could've done a better job with this one.  The characters were DEAD on.  The script was genius, and everything just fell into place perfectly.  Not sure when that one releases.  But I can't wait until it does.  And lastly, to date, not forever, we just wrapped on shooting "30 Rock: A XXX Parody".  Again, very good.  Needless to say I have a GREAT time shooting these parodies.  It's fun, funny, and something a little different.

My travels have recently led me to Puerto Rico where I was feature dancing! Can I just tell you, I've never had so much fun.  Everyone there was super nice.  I didn't meet one mean person!! I took my best girl and assistant, Kelsi. And Justin, who I've been very close to since the age of 11.  The three of us had a blast, and the dancing was pretty hott, too.  I'd love to go back. And maybe stay longer than 3 days next time.  

After my trip to Puerto Rico, I had to go back to LA for a few days to shoot the 30 Rock parody, but also to take care of a few things for a mainstream movie I got a part it.  I'm so incredibly excited about this!! I had to get my head casted ( I cant go into detail ) but this is going to be a ton of fun! I shoot for it May 17-19, then again June 2-6 in Lake Havasu.  I'll do my best to take lots of pics to post and share with you guys!  

Tomorrow I'm off to Ohio for a big signing tour.  This trip is going to be a very interesting one.  Details to come.  

Well I hate to cut it short, I know it's been a while.  But I've gotta run and take care of a bunch of stuff before my big 10 day trip to Ohio, then Lake Havasu, then LA, then finally back home to Oklahoma.  I really love you guys!! MUAH!


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