Tampa, FL/ A Entertainment News-  Have you ever just had a day that you could just dub "Rock Star" day? A day that was just so cool that you think back on it at random times?. Let me tell you about this Rock Star day we had a few weeks ago.

I got a call from Mike Moz telling me that they were shooting a music video for a rock band named "16 Second Stare" They were shooting parts of the video in Tampa and even better news, Stormy Daniels was directing it. We did the whole gathering of the exotic dancers thing around town and by the time we made our way over to the beautiful RITZ club in Ybor City Florida we had two carloads of hot girls with us.

Think about this, we are going to be in a rock music video, its directed by one of the top porn stars and movie directors and we have car-fulls of dancers as our crew.
Are you picturing it? Well whatever you just imagined, it was 3 times better than the though you just had in your head.

I want to thank the guys from "16 Second Stare", look for the video on MTV in a few months, and check out their sites, (Myspace), to find out where they are touring right now.

I also want to thank Alphonso from http://www.madcreativity.com/ for the great photography throughout the day, Mike Moz and the video crew, we all had a great time. And Stormy Daniels for being patient with all of us and being so cool and spending time with the dancers after the shoot.

Most of all I want to thank the exotic dancers in the Tampa Bay Florida area that came with us, I had more than a great time and I will never forget the day (or Night)......

Here are some shots from the video shoot, All photos credited to Alphonso of Mad Creativity.
NOTE:Click on the photo for a larger size, and again for a full down-loadable version


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