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quality over quantity in adult

lately i have come to realize that i have been  suffering from some kind of bloggers block.....
however, this evening i had a nice chat with a good friend who seems to bring out the best in my creativity and need to blog.

as everyone knows i'm eagerly awating the birth of my first child, a son, due in september!  with that came bed rest and also a small hiatus from directing because no matter what, my family and the health of my family will always come first.  that, of course, doesn't mean i'm not working on some amazing things that will blow the industry's mind. 

most of you know i'm very anal about quality and am a firm believer of quality over quantity.  i'm starting to see so many studios worry about the just opposite and their mass-production obsessions, which they feel will bring in more money, is in fact causing a negative effect.  how can a company be proud over releasing movies that have choppy cuts that may cause seizures in some, pixlalization up the wazoo and camera angles that cause you to wonder if there is a human holding the camera or whether it's just strapped to a dancing monkey?  i would rather release one movie a month or a year for that matter that just brings the industry to it's knees than mass produce half-assed attempts at movies.

don't get me wrong, there are a handful of companies, directors and producers that have done a great job making top notch products but, again, it's a small handful. 

i have spent countless hours, days and sometimes weeks checking and rechecking the quality of movies before being released. whether they be for a company, a director friend, or my own. also, whether it be for production quality or to make sure there's nothing that may cause any legal issues in the future. it's not easy work and it can start to turn your brain into goo but, it's better than just blindely releasing a movie and getting horrible feedback or even worse getting in deep shit because and editor wasn't aware of some minute clause in the legal handbook like "show your thumbs".

so, here's the thing, i will never give into the quantity over quality.  my next film will prove that with a vengence.  also, starting next film i will be shooting on the RED. 



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