Roselawn, IN/ A Entertainment News- If we had to rank exotic dancing events around the world and throughout the year we would have to rank the annual Nudes-A-Poppin Festival in the top 5 every year. The show is held at the Ponderosa Sun club which is a nudist resort nestled in a wooded area in Roselawn Indiana, which is a small community about an hour south of Chicago.

If you have never experienced this event then it may be hard for you to phatham the spectacle that is the Nudes-A-Poppin. If you have attended this show then you no doubt have come away with a lifetime memory that you most likely tell stories about to all your friends any chance you get.

The 2009 version of NAP was another great memory in the minds of everyone that attended and when we say everyone we mean all 5 or 6 thousand of them. It may be hard to believe that a small remote out in the middle of nowhere event can make such an impression on so many people but every year it seems to do just that, every year we bring new people with us and every year the show makes a new group of fans.

We made the plans for the  crew to meet in Chicago on Friday and we would then caravan to the Ponderosa from there for the big Italian dinner that is always thrown for the contestants, residents and friends of the show at Rich's house on the property. It's a great way for everyone to meet up and get reacquainted with old friends and meet the new ones you are going to make that year. We had Martin fly in from Los Angeles, Derek, Manu and I flew up from Tampa Florida and Ricky Rich drove down to Chicago from Wisconsin.  It is not an easy task to coordinate so may people from so many cities but that part of the weekend went very well.

This year I hosted the first ever Scandalous Female Wrestling Championship, Eddie and Adera Michaels ran the event on Saturday during the meet and greet part of Nudes A Poppin. We had a bunch of contestants and the competition was fierce. In the end the beautiful Shay Lynn was the last sexy woman standing and took the championship belt. Sometimes when you're the emcee of an event and it's really good, you take a moment, scan the crowd and think, this is the best place in the world to be right now. That Saturday I got that exact feeling.

On Sunday we arrived for registration at 7:30 AM which was a tough task since the Nudes A Poppin welcome dance the night before went until about 4 AM, at least ours did. We hung out a little past curfew with a few sexy ladies from Iowa, thank you DJ Jay for bringing the ladies; it made our weekend even better.

After jumping on the main stage a few times and giving away all of our A Entertainment T-Shirts ( I was escorted back to THE PIT to host the amateur contest that has been a part of the Nudes A Poppin show since it began decades ago. Once again the crowd surrounding the stage was massive and almost overwhelming. We had women from all walks of life, all ages and sizes and every one of them looked good. We ran the contest and crowned a winner, she got a great trophy and bragging rights for the year at the Ponderosa Sun Club which hosts the NAP show every year.

Back in the circle, as it's called we had set up an area for the ladies to take pictures with our crew, the A Entertainment blanket got to see more action than any human on the grounds. It was a great day all day long.

Part 2 of this story with all the winners coming next, stay tuned to the A Entertainment News

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