Orlando, FL/ A Entertainment News- As I travel the country with the A Entertainment Crew, we meet a new group of people every couple of weeks. A while back I met Mark who is the drummer for a band called the "Drunk N Puppies". You have to love these guys right from the start just because of the name,  then you get to know them and you like them even more. The Drunk N Puppies are a Southern Rock N Roll/Blues band from Orlando Florida and it is said that they are taking Kissimmee by storm.( Kissimmee is the suburb of Orlando where people actually live).

Mark from the Drunk N Puppies and I start talking and  he tells me he has these T Shirts that the band has the girls in the crowd wear at their shows, a simple plain white tank top, or wife beater if your Italian, with their signature Drunk N Puppies logo on it. Mark asks "Why not have a couple of the A Entertainment Girls wear the Drunk N Puppies Shirts at the next bar gig you do?  Sure I say, why not, the logo is really cool and the band members are a bunch of great guys. Mark hands over a few of the shirts and I put them in the shirt box for a later strip club party we were having. The A Crew and I drive off to the next city and forget about the shirts.

To make this long story short, I forgot the Drunk N Puppies shirts in the box that night, and for a few months after that. Then we are packing the A Entertainment's supplies for the big Nudes A Poppin show that we were headed to in Indiana and I find the Drunk N Puppies shirts again, so I put them in with the A Entertainment shirts thinking,  we are headed to the Nudes A Poppin Festival where there are over a 100 nude, beautiful, women every year. They are always modeling and competing for nude dance titles, I will just have a few of them wear the Drunk N Puppies Band shirts,  have the A Entertainment crew photographers take pictures, then send them back to Mark and the band in Orlando.

Well now I'm in Indiana at the Ponderosa Sun Club where the Nudes A Poppin Festival is being held. The A Entertainment Crew has a nice area where the beautiful women are taking pictures,I plan on having the bands shirts worn by some of the hottest strippers in the country, all is going well. I am preparing to go on stage, hosting the opening contest which is the Miss Nude Rising Star. We have a hectic schedule that morning because Ron Jeremy, David Faustino (famous for being Bud Bundy on Married with Children), and the beautiful Sunny Lane are to come out and host the rest of the day on that stage and I would move over the an area affectionately known as "The Pit" where I would host the Amateur Naked Bikini contest.

I am on the main stage, looking out at tens of thousands of people and I look over at one of the A Entertainment photographers, and ask him to get me a dozen A Entertainment T Shirts to throw out to the fans. We had 3 beautiful ladies with us that came from Iowa with my friend DJ Jay. The girls wanted to give out the shirts to the crowd, excellent because naked women always get a huge response. As I am watching the white A Entertainment shirts flying through the air into the crowd, I see something odd, I see a Drunk N Puppies shirt fly into the mass of people, and then I see another one, then another. Then in a few seconds, like a flash, its over, the shirts are gone and not one Drunk N Puppies shirt was left in the box to be modeled by the A Entertainment Girls.

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The story ends with Mark and the Drunk N Puppies band being good sports, understanding the mistake and stating the obvious phrase, "Don't trust Batman around 100 Nude women in Indiana"

I wanted to make it up to the band so I have invited Mark to come with to Indiana next year; maybe someone in the crowd will be wearing a Drunk N Puppies T shirt. Sometimes things don't always go as planned, but I just blame it on Indiana.
Check out the Drunk N Puppies at their official Website (http://www.drunknpuppies.com/ ) or their MySpace page (www.myspace.com/DrunkNPuppies )