Tampa, FL/A Entertainment News- Last night we headed over to the Deja Vu Tampa Gentlemens club for the Nightmoves Calendar search contest they had going on. Lets drop back to the beginning of my adult entertainment career many years ago. The Second strip club I ever worked at and the beginning of a long and fun ride around the country a handful of times. It all began at the Tampa Deja Vu.

A grumpy old man named Hal King was the General manager, he was good at running a club but he hated all DJ's and as far as I know he still holds that distaste. Hal was a good guy to hang out with and he actually is a very good friend. He almost fired me at least 5 times in 3 years in Tampa, but I guess the fun of having me around always outweighed my crazy "Make the Club Rock At Any Cost" attitude, and I was never actually fired. Her is a future trivia factoid: Tampa Deja Vu is where I got the name "Batman" given to me since I worked the Midnight to 6AM DJ Shift and had a big party going on till the sun came up.

Things have changed a lot since those crazy days, My former Dj teammate 'Ice" is now the General manager, and he is doing a hell of a job I must add. The Wild and crazy days of Tampa that you may of heard of all over the country seem to have slowed down to a "Normal" strip club city.

There were about 8 girls in the contest, all vying for the cash prize and the December spot in the 2010 Nightmoves Calendar. (I was not aware people even still used calendars anymore, but with women this hot, I can see how you would want that on your wall).

We had a great time as always, and have to thank the Deja Vu staff for thier hospitality and the cups of ice as well, A special thank you to or girl Bree for making us feel special all night long. It's always a party when we have girls, cameras, and drinks.

Here are some shots of the night from the Tampa Deja Vu Nightmoves Calendar search, from our man Ted

Note: Click on the Photo for a larger size, again for a full-down-loadable version