Batman and Schevelle Voo Doo Fest

New Orleans,LA/A Entertainment News- IF there was a better way to spend a Halloween, don't tell us about it because we feel that we have reached the apex of fun for the night of the dead.

This year Schevelle and I decided to not be in a strip club or a porn party but instead to be in New Orleans at the famed Voo Doo Fest.

Not only did we get to see the reunited Janes Addiction on stage,but right after that we walked in the mud over to a side stage where we noticed a dozen or more performers jamming like there was no tomorrow. As we got close we scanned the people in the crowd bobbing up and down, as we got even closer it became clear and obvious that it was none other than George Clinton and the P-Funk Army on stage. We stayed for about an hour, singing along and dancing in the mud because when the funk is good you just don't care about anything else.

You would think that would be the tops for the night but you would be more than a little wrong. After we had our fill of the Parliament of Funk we headed over to the main staging area where a sea of KISS army members had filled the grassy field in front of the stage and, in full concert battle make up, KISS had taken the stage and was already ripping the crowd apart with extreme prejudice.

We went to the back area where the VIP staging was and we had a good time there, but as we drank more and as the wildness that is a KISS concert took over our emotions, (This was Schevelle's first live KISS experience), we decided that right up front in the middle of the massive crowd is where we wanted to be. SO we left our little area back stage and jumped into the people, singing along and dancing like crazy fans. The metal horns sign and the rock and roll fist pump were used over and over again as the band kept topping themselves. Every time you thought wow now that was a finale, they would come back and beat it with something better. By the end after a 4 song encore the night ended with a good 10-15 minuets of giant fireworks.

At one point in the day Schevelle impressed the hell out of the guy from Channel 6 News, but we did not get to see the segment because we slept the entire next day. Hopefully someone in New Orleans seen her on the news.

Both Schevelle and I are now full fledged members of the KISS Army and The P Funk Movement... Bring on the next event and Yes we had a great Halloween experience in the haunted city of New Orleans.