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Landing Strip Blues

Kayden Kross Landing Strip

The longer I'm in porn the more attention I pay to the details-the matching lingerie no matter what, the good smelling lotions, the heels, and most importantly, the grooming. It's not as if I actually expect to be caught unprepared on the streets like a real celebrity who just wanted to grab some coffee and next thing you know her unpolished Saturday morning face is plastered across the news stand and some happy paparazzi is off in Europe blowing his 50K payout. I don't expect a porn crew to run up behind me in line at the grocery store with a camera and scream "surprise! I knew you didn't walk around looking like that all the time!". That scenario is the least of my fears. I pay attention now because on a personal level, it just bothers me if I don't.

Being female is a lot of work though, especially if it's something one makes the commitment to take on daily. Hair nails skin clothes shoes scents and gym maintenance must be streamlined into an efficient schedule if you expect to have a life beyond it. Luckily most things that are done regularly become automated. For me, this has happened with shaving.

A shower takes 15 minutes and I do everything every day. No one likes stubble, especially there. I finally invested in a heavy duty razor for the closest cleanest most awesome shave of my life. It has a titanium handle and the blades glint through the steam and soft lighting of my shower. It is a fine machine.

With this new razor I have cut my shave time in half. I'm quick and deft. A few days ago I cut it too close though. I got cocky. The blade slipped slightly to the left and before I knew it I was down a landing strip. I was completely bald save a few stray hairs that made everything look incredibly uneven, so I took those off too in sadness.

The adjustment period has been rough. I feel so much more naked. It looks foreign. And pink. I'm trying to grow it out as quickly as possible but by trying I mean I just think about it a lot and wonder what I could possibly do to speed it up. I feel like I'm in denial in the morning as I shave around where the landing strip should be. There is no comfort.

I have a landing strip deadline. We're shooting my first movie for Digital on the 28th of January and I do not want my first movie to be a lie. I do not want the people who watch those scenes to walk around believing that I've chosen to live my life completely bald. I have nothing against bald. It's great on others, wonderful in fact. I just don't like it on me. I wait with baited breath for the morning I wake up and finally have something to work around with my razor again.

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