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hey guys!

sorry its been a while since ive blogged its been a crazy month! first starting with the avn and aee expo show. preparing for the show was more nerve racking then the actual show lol . i honestly did not even know what to expect, and i was really nervous about meeting and talking to a bunch of fans and media . before i left for vegas it was the day before and i still had no dress for the big show. i should have just waited to get a dress out in vegas but because i was the trophy girl i didnt want to chance it. the day before i left for vegas i traveled two hrs into long island, ny to this cute boutique which actually specializes in prom dresses , i figure i find a nice dress, and i did . i felt like a princess.

Alexis Ford Dress

so no later did i find my dress i found out i had no flight out to vegas. i was freaking out . it was the day before i was suppose to leave and i had no flight . !!! the flight i ended up getting would take me to vegas in 10 hrs i was fussy i was just happy i could get out there!! 

I had finally arrived in vegas it was wed, and i was staying at the palazzo. I had this gorgeous suite all for my self. i almost didnt know what to do with my self, it was so beautiful with marbal floors. the first night i took it easy i went out to dinner with teagan presley and josh ( her husband)  and went to bed at an early time like a good girl becuase i knew i had a call time of 700 am.

Alexis Ford

Day 1:  Media ... No later did i fall asleep in the most comfy luscious bed i had the knock on the door and it was makeup! thank god my makeup artist richardo ferrise is amazing because he was able to do me and bree olson under 2 hrs! Adam and Eve for the aee expo hires these huge body guards to walk you around the casino and expo . its almost unreal and you feel really important because a million people are taking photos of you. i really had no clue what to expect , except that i had media for like 3 hours. When i got to the booth there was this huge adam and eve apple and logo and a saw a huge picture of me, and i thought to myself wow this really happend! after hours of media , i was tired but wanted to experiance the vegas strip. I found out my webmaster rodeo danger was in town and i thought it would be a great day for us to go out and have fun!

Alexis Ford with a Huge Drink

we ended up going to jimmy buffets and getting these huge drinks that were bigger than me . we had so much fun and ended up at deju vu to see teagan presely feature dance since i will start dancing soon, so iwanted to go see what it was like.

Alexis Ford Guys Love Blow Jobs

Day 2: Fan signings..... So this was the big day that i heard so much about.. i was really nervous this day!!! i woke up after a wild a crazy night and was so eager to get through makeup. I figure i would go for a more rocker look and i had the most perfect shirt ever that said " guys <3 bj" .. i thought i was so appropriate lol.. when i got to the expo it was crazy inside. i was shocked and felt the blood pumping through my body. I had lines waiting for me before i had even got to the table. a million  photos were going off i just knew that this would be the start of my profession as a porn star. i had so much fun meeting all my fans .. i do not even know how many autographs i signed but i know there were so many!! Later on that night i went to the Adam and Eve Party with Bree Olson and Lisa Ann.  It was great to party with my fellow adam and eve girl .

Alexis Ford Bree Olson

Day 3: The Big Day.... 

The big day has to have a new blog all together it was so crazy and exciting that it needs its own blog lol ;)

Love Alexis Ford xoxo

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