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Why should we help Haiti?

I just have to put the fun aside for a moment...

As I write the Red Cross estimates over 45,000 dead. That's an entire stadium. This is the worst disaster in the western hemisphere. It's even worse than the 2004 tsunami that hit Thailand. Who knows what the final estimate will be a week from now. Some estimate over 100,000.

Why should we help Haiti? If you have trouble making this connection then consider Haiti's history. I'm no historian or political expert but like you I have some basic understanding about military power and the capitalistic drive that maintains our first-world version of freedom and wealth. The U.S., France, England, Spain, the Dutch, Germany, and many other European countries have built their world power crusading and exploiting the world over. This has ultimately produced the people of the Caribbean as we know it. It's like the mob going legit after they've sold off their empire. Like it or not you and I enjoy this- indirectly.

One word- RESPECT. To feel for them during this crisis is having a sense of humanity. To respect is to support. To support is to give. President Obama announced a $100 million relief package today. Compare that to the $1 billion it cost (at its max) per day for U.S. occupation in Iraq for the last 7 years. Surely we can put aside our personal interests for just one second to do the right thing.

This weekend. One less drink. Please give.

Donate to Doctors without Borders

Some facts about Haiti.

Survivors receive 'Ghost' texts, voice mail as cell system becomes operational again

...a very somber Lexi.
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