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Tony Batman

Through The Eyes Of Schevelle, Her First Porn

G String Chronicles: Through The Eyes Of Schevelle, Her First Porn

McKenzie Lee performs her first interracial scene ever on Martin Luther King Day, And Schevelle Well, Read on ...

Ladies and gentlemen, in my quest to become more involved in the industry, I have jumped in head first and embraced ALL facets of the industry and it lead me straight to my first porn set!

We drove through the driving rain and the partly flooded winding roads towards the museum type home that was rented for the shoot that day. As we parked the car in the narrow driveway, knowing we would be blocked in soon, Tony and I stepped into the house. Lee, the make-up Wizard, was transforming a petite, laid-back British girl into a United Kingdom bombshell. The former Club Jenna contract star looked over and gave a heavy accented "Hello." God, I could listen to her say anything, I thought. The director Chris Streams (check name) sat relaxed in the "director's chair" (it really was a director's chair), calmly observing everyone in the room. Being that I was the fish out of water here, I didn't know what to expect. The mellow relaxed mood that the others felt was a stark contrast to my nervousness.   This was to be McKenzie's first big interracial scene and you would have thought it was mine with how goofy I acted and felt. Just sit down and be quiet, I thought to myself. Right at that moment Tony said, "Didn't you have some questions for McKenzie?" Oh yeah, right. Get a grip, girl.  "Hey McKenzie. Can I ask you a couple of questions while you finish getting ready?" She smiled "Okay, go ahead, sweetie. Ask me anything." She began to undress, "Oh, I forgot my lotion. Lee do you have some? Thanks" She was naked by then and began to lather lotion on herself. UUHHHHH. I felt like a guy must feel when he approaches a beautiful woman and tries to talk to her. I have been around plenty of nude people and I even won Miss Nude Entertainer of the Year two year in a row and here I was feeling very aware that she was naked and wow, were her breast massive. Can you tell this is my first time? Miss Lee was very easy-going and I began to relax simply from the energy she gave off.  She continued to answer my questions while Chris buttoned her up in an ivory corset. It was an ironic site to see this masculine man delicately putting this very feminine piece of clothing on such a petite-framed woman. Just a funny note in my head.  "Okay I'm ready", she stated and then her nymph-like form waltzed to the door. I looked at Tony. That was our que. On to the den.

We all moved to the den, I think it was the den, there were about twelve rooms in that place that could have classified as a den. The still photos for the box cover came first. McKenzie's experience and professionalism were apparent as she posed skillfully. During the photos her nipples kept popping out and it didn't matter how many times she tucked her massive breast back in, her nipples popped right back out like disobedient children (didn't really bother anyone as you could imagine). My favorite pose was when she sat on top of the pool table on all fours with her rear up in the air and her head lowered, her hair was so thick and full of curls that just fell over her head. She looked so sexy and inviting. It was a great visual, plus that is my favorite sexual position.

Like I said, this was McKenzie Lee's first interracial scene and it finishes with a pop shot by five black guys.  All of the actors were there patiently waiting for their time to come, while Mr. Marcus would perform the main part of the feature exclusively with Lee. I looked out the window at the infiniti pool thinking So, how does this work? Do they perform in timed segments, or do they just go?  Then I heard "Okay let's do this. Quiet everyone, rolling!" Wait, wait, are they filming?! Where am I supposed to look? Can I look? I must have looked pretty bug-eyed because Tony said  "Do you want to go?" "No. I'm good. Um, am I supposed to look? Should I look somewhere else", I said. "They don't mind if you look. That's why they're making the movie." I'm lucky I have such a patient man. I got control of my "deer in the headlights" look and watched. Then I looked away real quick. Stupid catholic guilt. I looked again. Can you tell this is my first time? My first look at my first porn was McKenzie Lee giving Mr. Marcus an incredible blowjob.  I was intrigued. It's kind of like a train wreck...you can't look away. They were so in synch. They were so believable. They were good actors.  As the intensity increased the positions changed. They were on the pool table, from the pool table to the couch, from the couch to the floor, from the floor back to the pool table. The air began to have a thick intensity to it that was literally palpable. Wow, this is way more fun than watching it on a tape, I thought. My favorite point of the filming came when Mr. Marcus wrapped his arm around Lee and swung her petite frame off of the pool table and on to his waist in one movement without them ever breaking motion and she began to ride him. That's a neat trick, I mused. From her beginning when she won "Best New Starlet", it was obvious that the subsequent years were used to polish her talent because I totally bought that she was enjoying herself. You go McKenzie with your first interracial scene!

Honestly, by this point I no longer felt strange watching. The odd part came when I had to use the restroom. This meant that I had to walk across the room, through the set as the five guys were "preparing" for their "shot". I tried to navigate a path through the maze of penises when I heard "I wouldn't walk that way if I were you". Everyone laughed and I am sure I turned red. Can you tell this is my first? I tripped and bumped into lights and looked like a newborn gazelle that's just learning to stand up and walk. I compare it to Alice in Wonderland with Lee Bang stroking himself and looking at me like the caterpillar on the mushroom saying, "Who are YOU?" I looked at myself in the mirror before I left the restroom. Okay, don't run into any penises. Got it? Now, I was back next to Tony and he looked at me "You were braver than me" he smirked. Even with the unfamiliarity of it all, there was a light-hearted and well-organized atmosphere in which everyone was had a job to do and they did it. Even the new guys did their job, which I hear doesn't always run smoothly. I was learning all kinds of stuff that day.

Tony stood in the garage smoking a cigarette and looked at the now blocked in car. "Well, what did you think of your first porn set?" he asked. Scary, crazy, odd, bewildering, bizarre, peculiar, educating, insightful, thrilling! I slowly looked at Tony and calmly asked, "So when are we going to our next porn?"

In summation, here is my interview with McKenzie and I really wished I had recorded it, because she has the most charming accent.

How long have you been doing adult movies?

Since I was 22 yrs old. I took a break for three years to have kids. Your body changes after you have kids. I am not as flexible as I was before. But I'm back and this is going to be my year. 

What is it about this movie that made you want to do it?

I wanted to do something different. I knew that I wanted to work with Chris Streams because I know his reputation and I knew he would show me in a light that I wanted to be seen in. Chris uses great stuff, expensive, nice clothing...and since it is my first interracial scene, I wanted it to be good.

Okay, so you're about to do the scene. What kind of thoughts are going through your head right now?

I'm really excited. I'm really nervous. I get these nervous butterflies in my stomach, which is cute, right? I get the same thing whenever I dance. It reminds me of when I won "Best New Starlet" at AVN. I was blown away, I mean really shell-shocked. I was literally shaking so bad of nerves, I barely even heard them say my name. (I wish you could hear her cute accent, because when she says the word "literally" it sounds like "litrally"). I have known Chris for years and I feel comfortable with him, so it feels kind of like working with a best friend. It's a big day in my career.

Note: Click on photo for larger size, a second time for a full down-loadable version

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