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New York to Australia

Back from snowy New York!! Luckily,  Virgin Airlines was the ONLY airline that was able to make it out of the East Coast. New York was incredible! It was my first time in the Big Apple and I was there for the MOST important moment of my career!

Howard Stern went by like a flash! One second I'm running 4 blocks in the rain, wearing 4" heels, since our cab driver was crazy and couldn't get us to Howard without getting us completely lost. Then trying to put some make up on my face before all the cameras came in, then photos, sign releases next thing I know I'm being takin into the studio. I saw Robin, then over to my right was Howard Stern!! I couldn't believe it! It all happened so fast. The interview went great! He was so nice to me, and Tracy Morgan came in for some of the interview.  You can check it out on Howard TV.

As we were leaving Howards studio we looked out the window and it started snowing!! It was so beautiful and made the trip so much more fun having some snow! I've never really had many snow experiences being from San Diego, so I loved it!! Until, it ended up ruining our time there.

Now I'm back home, taking a few days off to rest up for the next big thing, AUSTRALIA! Wooo! I'm going with Ms.Jesse Jane, Samantha (dp's president) and we will be meeting Seymore down under!! I'm so excited to go! I'm going to live up every second of being there!!

Here's some pics... xoxox Ry

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