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Tony Batman

Tony Batman

Perfect Round Behinds At Pure Gold Southern Pines

Southern Pines, North Carolina-  After finishing up our Screaming O event in Athens, Georgia we went to Pure Gold in Southern Pines, leaving the warm weather and college students for the cooler temperatures and golf communities of North Carolina. On our trusty steed we traveled all day and made it just in time to watch the rerun of the Olympics and drink about five vodka and ginger ales.

People appear to be under the impression that because we work this job, we sleep until noon, wake up, smoke a cigarette and go to work where we drink all night and then repeat the whole thing all over again the next day. Good thing we really wake up at about 8:30 and get going with writing, working, phone calls, errands and workouts because housekeeping felt the need to knock on the door EVERY morning at about 9AM. However, breakfast was delicious every morning. 

Being unfamiliar with an area, but still having to get things done can be difficult. Inevitably there is some bizarre rule or way of doing something, which is unique to that area. This week it was tanning. Not wanting to be Vitamin D deficient (of course) we found the local tanning place which was close (this club did a good job of putting us in a great location) and paid full price for a tan that could not excel beyond two minutes because we were not from North Carolina. Didn't matter that I am from Texas, I rarely burn and I had JUST come from Florida where the sun perpetually parks. North Carolina said, "We know what's best for your body". I was so glad I had this governmental management or else who knows what kind of shenanigans I could have gotten into at that tanning salon.

In our ubiquitous quest to view beautiful bodies, which is the real reason we do this job, well, that all the respect that comes along with it, our journey lead us to Pure Gold in North Carolina, where the golf courses are many and the buffets are plenty The stage and the ladies were great in this club. Not only were the women striking but the stage was huge. While I was in between shows, I began to film for our pilot and conduct interviews for our radio show with some of the dancers who were getting ready. I was in the dressing room when I looked over and saw this girl fixing her make-up. As she bent over the counter to get closer to the mirror to apply her eyeliner, I observed she had the most perfectly round butt. It looked exceptional in her tight purple dress. I mentioned it to Tony off-handedly later on before the next show. After the kickass show, where Tony did his thing and made a party happen, we headed on the floor to sign autographs and sell promo. Suddenly Tony says, "That's her isn't it?" I never told him who she was or what she was wearing, all I said was that I saw this girl who had a great butt. Tony never misses a good butt I am learning.

While the ever-achieving Olympians completed their fourteen-day competition, while the healthcare debate disputed in Blair house (?) and killer whales surprised everyone by actually killing, I had a great time learning about the area and performing in this club. Now, I didn't get the flowers in the dressing room like ALL of their other clubs do, but Jerry Reid Jr. was there to visit and say "hello". It's always nice to meet an owner and visit face-to-face. 

Next week it is on to Déjà Vu Showgirls in Tampa, Florida for the Screaming O Event. Can't wait to see who has the best "O Face" in Tampa.

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