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Tricia Devereaux

Tricia Devereaux

A court case goes to trial - and a baby

I usually don't have that much on personal level to write about. My life outside of working in a porn business would be pretty boring to most porn fans.

I'm married and I have a daughter. I like to sew, am relearning what I used to be good at with piano, am training in Tae Kwon Do again, and I like to travel different places. But when I'm in LA, I'm kind of a homebody and just a happy mom.

That's hopefully about to double. I'm currently 3 months pregnant. True to form, I kept pushing along as if nothing was different, and I strained myself. My doctor put me on temporary bedrest, but things are looking better, so I should be back on my feet in no time. One thing I know is that this baby sure moves around a lot!

However... life wouldn't be as interesting if there wasn't bad news to go along with the good news, so here's the bad news:
John's lawyers were in Washington D.C. today for another hearing on his obscenity trial. Today, the judge set a trail date for the case to start on July 7th in Washington D.C.

John's in decent spirits. He still believes and knows he didn't do anything wrong. We just have to hope that his judges can convince a jury to believe the same thing.

I really want to be there in Washington DC to be supportive of John, so right now I'm going to do everything possible to stay relaxed and healthy so that I'll be cleared to travel in July. I'll be exactly 6 months pregnant, so it's within the realm of possibility that I'll be ok to travel. No matter what, I know that John's lawyers believe 100% in this case, and they will do everything within their legal abilities to represent my husband in the best way possible.

Thank you right now to all of my friends for just being there with a smile and a hug.

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