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Chanel Preston

Why I Chose Porn!

Chanel Preston

Hi everyone, I am Chanel Preston. I just started performing in the adult film industry and am really excited to start blogging. I originally was going to write a little introduction about myself but I have my bio on my webpage, facebook and myspace, so everyone should definitely check those pages out. Instead I want to tell people exactly why, and how I got to this point in my life. 

Why did I choose porn?  Because I LOVE IT! 

I started my sexual career after I quit my position in cosmetics and wasn't able to find another job. Hawaii was hit fairly hard by the whole economy thing so finding a job was not an easy task and, I admit, I was an extremely jaded cocktail waitress and bartender so that was not even an option for me. I was never really interested in being a stripper but whenever I had considered it when I was younger, I never thought, "oh no I would never do that!" I just simply thought I would hate to shave every day since I preferred waxing. Anyway, when I couldn't find a job I said, "hell with it! I'm going to strip." And strip I did!

I marched into this club and actually told them I wanted to apply as a waitress. I was too embarrassed to tell them I wanted to be a stripper because I didn't have experience, but I knew they would try to get me to dance. I figured I could pretend like they talked me into it and if I was really bad it would be their fault not mine because they were the ones that wanted me to dance. My plan worked and the guy said, "You don't really look like a cocktail waitress. You should be a dancer."

Of course I acted naive and asked all kinds of questions and pretended like it was the first time I had ever considered this. I spoke to the owner and he told me that he could have a girl come in before my shift and teach me some things so I would feel more comfortable on stage. I soon found out there was no girl available and I was on my own. My first night I was really nervous. I never spent much time in strip clubs so the fact that the girls dressing room did not have doors on the toilets was...interesting. This is very common at many clubs so I had to get used to it. There were naked girls running around and I was immediately drawn to their openness, how everyone could walk around nude and girls would bend over in front of mirrors and check their pussies to make sure they were pretty. I went over to my assigned locker to put my things away and was called to stage.

It was early and the club was dead but there were two younger guys sitting at the stage. I stepped up on stage with sweaty hands and shaky knees and began twirling around the pole and shaking my butt the way I had seen in the movies. My thoughts were, "I hope I don't fall off the stage in these 6 inch heels", "I hope my hands don't slip off this bar", and "Am I even doing this right or does it look like I'm just gyrating on the pole?" Then I started to move a little more gracefully. My steps became smoother and I actually felt incredibly comfortable. I took my top off and flashed my breasts up in their faces and and it was so amazing! Than I hear, "Are you going to take your panties off or what?!" That completely snapped me out of my euphoria and I got a little taste of what was to come for the next year and a half.

That being said I ended up loving to dance. I became comfortable with it almost instantly. I like to be great at anything I do and dancing was no different. I mastered the art of knowing what men want and knowing how to convince them I'm what they want. I have traveled and danced all over the U.S. spreading my sexual energy to men and women. During my travels I was fortunate enough to meet all the right people and here I am. I was so excited to start making films and carry over my love of performance to my scenes. In my own sex life, and in scenes, I love to have my hair pulled and be spanked and man handled. I have a fetish for hands that are big and strong and I love my men with confidence. It feels so amazing to be sexual and feel comfortable with my sexuality and I wish everyone could feel the way I do when I know I had an awesome scene or did such a great stage show. I hope I get a chance to spend countless hours in people's dreams and I can't wait to show everyone more of me.

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