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Chanel Preston


            I have something very exciting to tell everyone. I am doing my first anal scene
soon! I know, I know, I am just as excited as you guys. I don't know the
details yet but it will be for Jules Jordan and I am very excited about this as
well because I love working for him.

              Now, people probably want to know how I feel about anal sex. Do I even like it? The
answer is, yes. I do enjoy anal sex in my personal life. I was a teenager when
I first tried anal sex. I remember it being really uncomfortable but at the
same time I could see where someone would like it. Obviously, there are a lot
of nerves down there and I felt them but probably the feeling of having a dick
down there for the first time canceled out those feelings. I tried randomly
through the years but I just never fully enjoyed it, until one day. It was so
bizarre because I was lying in bed and just out of the blue I felt like having
anal sex, so I did, and to my surprise I came so hard. 
              I was sold. I love anal sex now. Actually, when I am having trouble coming I just
put it in my ass and almost instantly makes me peak. There are also more things
you're able to do in a scene once you start doing anal. Sometimes just regular
sex doesn't cut it and you need a little more so maybe putting one in the ass
and the pussy. Sometimes just having regular sex with a big butt plug in is
nice too. 

              I have to make sure I am completely ready for my scene and I will be sure to give
everyone details when I know them. In the mean time I need to practice so I am
going to go put a butt plug in. Ciao!
  -XO Chanel

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