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Tony Batman

Tony Batman

Stripperfest 7 At Club On The Border- A True American Midwest Super Hero Event

Milwaukee, Wisconsin-The A! Entertainment News- Sunday is usually a day of rest, our biggest worry on Sunday is searching for the best brick-oven baked pizza in the nation. This past Sunday was very different. Last week was the seventh episode of the Midwest enigma called
Stripperfest, a dance and pole competition for any and all comers that can make it to Club On The Border in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This was my second Stripperfest as co-host with Daisy Duxe and Stripperfest 7 was no different than the ones that came before it. As I arrived at Club On the Border at 7 PM there was already a line out the door of anxious Midwesterners ready to scream, holler and put in their two cents as to who should be Stripperfest 7 Queen of the Stage and Queen of the Pole. Both titles by the way came with a $3000 cash prize.

After finishing our gig in Birmingham, Alabama at about 3 AM, we took the twelve-hour drive to Milwaukee and somehow arrived about 4 PM. There is some sort of time change there, but I can't figure it out. We checked into the hotel, took a one hour nap and a quick shower and off to the club we go. I see feature entertainers Tawnie Monroe, Robyn Foxx, and Christina Aguchi in the parking lot, they were heading into the club to prepare for the night. I was once again, going to be late.

When we arrived at the club, I had my usual Red Bull and vodka, and joined the meeting as Brian explained the rules of the contest. Co-host Daisy Duxe took to drawing names for the ladies whose numbers ranged up into the forties. It was a packed dressing room, with each dancer vying for the $3000 purse. Brian introduced everyone to the girls, I enjoyed the loud applause as my name was read off, you could call that vain, I just like to have a fun time.

Inside the club the show started. I was working with the duo team of Matt and Matt, my d.j.'s for the night both very funny guys. Schevelle and I positioned ourselves towards the back of the VIP where the back bar was set-up for judges, club owners and general managers, most importantly your host. Brian, the general manager knowing me for a few years was well aware, the more pickled I am, the funnier I am on stage. The national anthem was sang by a beautiful entertainer as Schevelle held the American flag high. After the cheers erupted it was show time.

We kicked off the night with special guest feature performer and newcomer sensation Tawnie Monroe. I was already on my third drink, but I did notice that it was a grass skirt and coconut top, no.... it was flowers on her top, yeah, that was it. It was sexy and she took them off so....

The first contestant for the Queen of the Pole took the stage about a half hour behind schedule. There were so many contestants this year, I could not keep up with them all. Four score and seven Stripperfest ago, this contest started as a "whose the best on stage" type event and has now grown to almost a national level with girls coming from different states in the country just to compete for this one night.

As the shows went on throughout the night and my personal waitress attentively kept my vodka and Red Bull full from my VIP bar, I watched some very entertaining shows and even after all these years, I saw some new pole tricks that made me stop and stare. These ariel artist were talented.

The winner of the Queen of the Pole competition was Taylor representing The Factory. The Queen of the Stage competition, which was a short themed dance type show was Amore representing On The Border.

Things started getting blurry after that and I am sure there are more stories I can remember, but what I do recall Jerry from Grandaddy's Gentlemen's Club in Wisconsin ordering a plate of french fries and a basket of cheese sticks. He was not near the table when they arrived and Schevelle and I were drunk. We proceeded to eat ALL of his food, ordered the same thing from the waitress with the intention of replacing it, only when Jerry came back and second round of food came, we continued to eat it with him. I don't even like cheese sticks. Strange things happen during drunken stupors. I have a lot of friends that were conceived during them. I just stole someone's cheese sticks.

Stripperfest 7 had to be a huge success for Club On The Border, as it was Sunday and it was packed before the sun went down, and it was packed at closing time. I think they had a good time as well because we announced Stripperfest 8 in the fall before everyone left.

A big "thank you" to A! Entertainment photographer Ricky Rich, Scarlett and the crew from Nudes-a-Poppin and Curtis from Striptaculous.

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