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Tony Batman

Tony Batman

The A Entertainment Crew And The Skylar Neil Golf Charity

On a journey of self-discovery, this past Friday I found myself on a golf course in Simi Valley participating in the Skylar Neil Charity Golf Tournament. Created by Vince Neil in honor of his daughter who passed away at a young age, this event is a chance for sponsors, entertainers, and golfers to raise money in the hopes of finding a cure for cancer.

Knowing that about it, how could you not feel great at this event? So there I was at Tony Batman's A! Entertainment News hole with a crew of beautiful women and press photographers. Our hole was very animated with Scarlett Faye as our ambassador, who wouldn't stop? She greeted each cart of golfers with "Heeelloooo gentlemen. Come on up and join us. Can I get anyone a beer?" They were practically jumping out of their carts before they came to a complete stop. Eve, Cherry and I signed autographs, handed out A! Entertainment News shirts with plenty of goodies, posed for pictures and shot some balls. Tony definitely drew the most attention as he wound up, but Scarlett looked the cutest doing it in her short blue jean skirt. "Do I do it like this?" she cood, while  bending over. They ALL melted.

This event required that people donate their time and volunteer so there is never a garauntee of who will show up. "I don't think I have been up at 8 o'clock in the morning in a year." I heard this all morning, yet there they were at 8 o'clock in the morning sporting their half smiles and large coffees. With that being said, this was by far the happiest event I have been to. I've been to events where people had to show up and you can tell they really don't want to be there, it's almost palpable. However, none of this existed at the golf course. It was all smiles from the first sip of coffee to the last drop of a margarita.

As the sun rose high in a cloudless blue sky, the course became cluttered full of carts and chatter with each hole being like a whole new world with each of their themes. "Where are you guys headed?" A cart hollered at us.

"To the seventeenth hole."

"AWWWW! Jager!!!" Everyone laughed because this was the party hole.

As the sun shined down it became more of a course of fun with sporadic golf swings going on here and there.  The mixture of perfect weather, a beautiful setting, and, yes Jager, it could not have been a better experience. Even Vince Neil made his way around each hole stopping and generously posing for photos and talking with everyone, a very cool person.

As the sun began to set and  the batteries of the golf carts began to fail, it was  time to begin the auction and dinner. Never losing site of the real reason for being there, the bidding began and before it was over with Screaming O bought the cape of Evil Knievel and I think someone bought a date someone else (I had drank way too much by this point). Overall, the auction was a success, bringing the day of charity to a successful close, (I remember that).

I didn't know what to expect at this event, but I know that it far exceeded anything I have attended up to this date. There is something to be said about tying together talent with a charity, especially for the reason of this one. The whole day I was filled with a positive energy that grew with everyone I interacted with all day. I remember when Vince Neil came to our hole and shot, everyone thanked him for being there and putting on this event and including them. He was so gracious. I have not seen adult entertainers so demure as when they thanked him. It's as if when you give to something that is so good and much bigger than yourself, you can't lose and neither can anyone around you.

I was very happy and thankful to be a part of this event.  I am also grateful to Tony who brought me, and many others along for the ride, sharing with us the marriage of both entertainment and giving back. It's hard for me to understand what it must be like to lose a child as Vince Neil did, but it is very easy for me to understand the compassion and desire to want things to be better in the world for others. Thank you Vince Neil and thank you Tony.

How can I possibly go back to business as usual?

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