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let yourself go

So much time has passed since the day I signed with Digital. A lot has been learned, plans have failed, things I did not expect to work, or be good for my career, have been. Many miles have been put under my feet, yet I'm still standing in my dc shoes.

I think everything happens for a reason, and I strongly believe in karma. Never litter, always treat people the way you would like to be treated, and keep positive.

If you don't know something, ask. There is no shame in not knowing. And after you've asked, then you now know. Smile when you feel like crying, but let yourself cry. Remember in the end, it will make you who you are meant to become. I'm learning to love who I am, instead of thinking everything I do is wrong. Everyone has flaws, everyone is beautiful.

I no longer take my blessings for granted, because I have many of them. One -  being a girl to start with (lol we have many advantages) ... but I'm also grateful for the people in my life that taught me the lessons I've learned.

I've been taught a good work ethic. When you get knocked down, open your eyes to see what you've learned while falling down and then, stand back up.  Brush that dirt off your shoulder and keep stompin on. And I have stomped my little way all the way from San Diego, California to Bucharest, Romania.

I am learning so much about myself and the world. I'm having a blast filming and meeting new people.

One of the many perks of being contracted with Digital Playground is: the girls never travel alone. They keep us safe, plus its fun to have a travel buddy. But I asked if i could pretty pretty pleeeeeaaase go alone for this trip. I could tell everyone was hesitant about me going alone to Romania, but they let me! And I'm so thankful for this chance.

I already feel so much more grown up, independent, and self-worthy. For example, when I used to get picked up from Digital and taken to set, I would never pay attention to the ride. I may have been to that location a zillion times, but had no clue how to get there. I would be looking out the window, enjoying the ride, but never really paying attention.

Now when I look out the window I pay attention. I notice things. I'm inspired by things, I take everything to heart and in a positive light. I could not be happier with the direction this ride is going in. The tank is full and I'm full of life and love.

So I'm putting the pedal to the metal -  full speed ahead and everything looks bright. I come home on the 10th and shoot my movie... I cannot wait! I really only ever get laid on camera ( and I only do one movie a month) with all this traveling and pent up sexual aggression, that's putting it lightly, i need to suck a dick. hehehe ... but seriously, I need some sex. 

So I'm eager to get home, but very happy and content right now. Everything seems to be falling into place and make sense. Because...everything happens for a reason :) Well.. I need to slip my dc's on and head out - I'm off today to explore Romania some more. It started out as the worst trip I had ever been on, to quickly turn into the best one of my life... so far...  

such a nerd... the day digital signed me 

follow me on twitter.com/rileysteele also rileysteele.com and digitalplayground.com buy my fleshlight here... :) xoxoxhttp://www.rileysteelefleshlight.net/

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