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Let's play the "How Many Emails Can I Send In One Day" game. I think I am up to twenty today. 

I just got back here to L.A., and I realized, when I'm not shooting, that I type emails all day long and even if I am out and about, I still am sending emails through my phone. I nerdily (yes, I am making up words) like the rhythmic action of writing emails. I type fairly fast and my nails are long so I just sit back and hear the clickety-clack on my computer. This is partly caused by the fact that I don't like to talk on the phone and it's really sad. I feel like a lot of people don't nowadays and it diminishes a lot of the connection that we get with people when hearing each others voices. Yet, I still am one of those people that would rather type away on my email or text. Maybe I don't want to feel connected with some people but at least back in the day you were forced to whether you liked it or not and I think we need that. We need a force that makes us stand too close to someone in the elevator or ask someone if you can use a stranger's cell phone because yours died.

It's sort of like when you were a kid and you were too scared to make new friends but your mom made you go play. If your mom didn't make you play then you would be a weird outcast, huh? I think we're all becoming our own kind of outcast. In general Americans don't touch very much and I want to touch more. I want people to hug and kiss and exude all kinds of lovin'. Now, I am the opposite of just that. I don't like people in my bubble. I'm going to change though. I am going to start touching people. I will touch people everywhere and anywhere. You can touch me too. I want to be touched now so watch out cause next time you see Chanel she will touch you everywhere!!                   

-XO Chanel

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