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Tony Batman

Tony Batman

Angels And Batman Go Stripper Palooza In Kalamazoo Michigan

Angels And Batman Go Stripper Palooza In Kalamazoo Michigan

After touring the country for years now it is not often that we are called to a city we have not performed in before."Tony Batman Was Here!!" is a common phrase around the country. When we got the call to come and host "StripperPalooza" at the Angels Gentlemen's Club for the Skindustry Company we asked where is it going to be? Michigan they said, Kalamazoo Michigan.  We have never been to Kalamazoo so we quickly got excited and accepted the invitation. The locals like to call it the K-Zoo, sounds like the entire city is a radio station right? Live here at K-Zoo. Off to Kalamazoo we go....

Feature Entertainer and Porn Actress Daisy Duxe was performing at Angel's as well and was my co host on Sunday night. Guest judge Donna Doll joined us for the one night affair where we would crown the Stripper Palooza Queen of the Stage and Queen of the Pole.

I arrived in Kalamazoo on Saturday morning after actually driving from Florida I was a bit tired but could not sleep once I got the hotel. I was informed at the front desk that I was going to be rooming with Matt the DJ from On The Border in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I normally don't mind rooming with another person from the show. If I happen to want to bring a few "friends" back to my room that I met at the club, I really don't care who is there or not. Most roomies will get the hint if you're having a nightcap with a girl and there are no other people in the room, they know maybe to go watch some TV in the lobby for a little while other times it's just a party and anything goes, there are two beds in the room so why waste space.

The Stripper Palooza ran remarkably well for the first one ever at the Angel's Club in Michigan. I think the Stripper Fest people are branching out to all the states in the Midwest which I love because it's a great show and so many times these days you will see an event and it will not even have a show going on or there will be five competitors for a contest, the club could have ran that with just me as host. The Skindustry people seem to have a good crew of girls, DJ's, Promoters, and well they have me on the team, LOL.

The staff at Angel's Gentlemen's Club was great, I had my own waitress and at one point I was drinking a drink out of a fishbowl that had smoke coming out of it and another time I had a pitcher that was filled with vodka and lemonade.   The dancers at Angel's were pretty and I had a great time with them as well, there was one that made me remember her as we did shots together all night, I even let her wear my hat for a few minutes, which is a big deal, no one gets to wear the hat. Let's just say I will love the next show there because I already have personal friends to hang out with.

Hot Dancers, Good Drinks, and some great shows on the stage, who could ask for anything more?

I had A Entertainment Photographer Ricky Rich there and he got some good shots of the weekend, I am currently looking for a video camera man to go with us in the future. The A Entertainment Crew always has a great time and we need one more person, guy or girl to video tape for our various shows.

I want to thank Jim and John at Angels for being so hospitable, Brian and the Skindustry Crew for running a great show. My co host Daisy Duxe, and DJ's Matt and Glenn. It was a great weekend.

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