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I woke up in the worst mood today and I am not sure if it was because of the dream I had last night. I dreamt that I was feature dancing and I messed up my entire routine! I couldn't dance very well and when I made an attempt on the pole I flew off and landed on my shoulder. Also, whenever I went back stage two of these girls kept being really mean to me and stealing my stuff. 

That being said, I will be feature dancing at Deja Vu Showgirls here in Los Angeles on September 10th. I WILL be dancing good, I'm sure the girls won't be mean and steal stuff from me but I can't guarantee that I won't fly off the pole onto my shoulder. Hopefully that doesn't happen because G4 TV will be there taping the entire thing and I would hate for that to be on mainstream television, but as they say, any publicity is good publicity. So please come and see me. I would be so happy to see everyone there and maybe I will entertain you a little too. ;) 

I'm not sure what routine I am going to do yet. Sometimes I get paranoid because every part of the U.S. responds differently to different kinds of music. Some clubs I have danced at won't even let you play rap and if you do they freak out like it's the plague. There's good rap out there people. What is funny about clubs like that is they usually allow country. I don't normally dog on people's taste but I am going to do it right now. There is some country songs that work in clubs and I can't even think of one but I'm sure in the right environment it works but those super twangy, singing about tractors and horses songs just don't make me feel sexy, and isn't that the point? I have told girls in the past that just because you like a song doesn't necessarily mean you should dance to it. No one wants to hear Sarah Mclachlan in a strip club but she's great when you're a little depressed or chilling in your room thinking about girly stuff. I actually have turned down lap dances and told them that I was out of service until a country song was not being played. 

So what do I like to dance to? I love to dance to trance music and different kinds of electronic stuff, not techno but still kinda funky but sexy. I will totally bust out some Moby too. My goal is to make the audience not feel like they're having a blast in the club but make them feel like, "Holy shit, I wanna fuck that women right this very fucking second." That's not to say I don't enjoy dancing to some hip-hop and certain rock songs. I am definitely not a pop girl so I don't like dancing to Lady Ga Ga and Britney Spears. I've been told I am "slinky" on stage, and I think he meant that in a good way. I guess you'll have to come see me to find out what the hell "slinky" means! See you there on September 10th at Deja Vu! 

-XO Chanel

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