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A lot of you know that I'm not your stereotypical Porn Star. I love to "Geek Out" and LOVE 80′s B Rated in Cult Classic movies. First time I heard of Robert Rhine was on the bus to school some magazine called Girls and Corpses. I didn't give it much thought, the pictures were cool, and went to class. Few years later I see this magazine from my childhood and buy a copy of Girls and Corpses, it was "humor-horror-rific" just as I remembered. Then forgotten once more.

They always say third times a charm! On one of my trips to L.A. I get a call from EMM Report that Robert Rhine from would like me to come on Gary Garver's Rock Me TV Unvanilla TV Show. Thinking why does Girls and Corpses sound familiar?..... I go on line to check this out and start laugh a little. Here's this magazine I've seen a few times during my life, always thought that his work was cool, and now it get to do a "Live Alien Autopsy" with Robert Rhine himself! I was very excited to be invited for such a exclusive experience!

Next thing I know there's a body bag being dragged across the studio and I'm handed a mask and gloves. I have no idea where Robert Rhine got this half charred Alien form, only thing I did know at this point was to expect the unexpected! Brooke Belle and I were gagging from the hideous smell released from opening the body bag, the repulsive odor consumed the studio. We continued on with autopsy and discovered that our Alien friend had a massive cock! Brooke Belle and I LOVE COCK! By the end of the show Brooke and I were completely turned on by our charred Extraterrestrial friend.

Gary Garver's Rock Me TV

Alien Autopsy Pictures

Girls and Corpses 25th Anniversary Party @ CIA "The California Institute of Abnormalarts"

Some of the celebs spotted @ "CIA"
Murrugun The Mystic, Tanya Tate, The Reach Around Rodeo Clowns, Victoria De Mare, Kim Fowley, The Fabulous Miss Wendy, Brooke Lewis, Carolyn Jones, Elmyra, Jon D'Amore, Kelly O'Leary, Jeff Mullen, Hollie Stevens, Monstar, and Brooke Belle.

If you weren't at this party you missed out! Great music, hot sexy ladies, Robert Rhine, and my favorite CORPSY! I was so exxxcited to meet Corpsy I had to let him feel me up, I didn't every care that everyone saw him touching me .....

But Corpsy just wasn't enough for me, I needed some pussy, and pussy I got! She was all tied up just they way a good corpsett should be!

As all good things must come to an end I had to leave my beloved dead and go to bed.

If you want more of Corpsy and Hottt Sexy babes you can find them all at

Girls and Corpses 25th Anniversary Party Pictures

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