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Howard Levine

Howard Levine

Sons of Anarchy And Porn

Sons of Anarchy Porn

It's been a while since I last wrote something for the blog. I have been extremely busy and have neglected to make the time to write.

I have been heavily involved with Sons Of Anarchy TV show on FX. I did the technical advising for Season Twos porno storyline. I also have been core background and made a lot of the leatherwork, including Jaxs notebook for the show. When they asked me about porno, they wanted to get it right. They came here, looked at my office, the warehouse and how we conduct business. They recreated the office and warehouse on a soundstage and use existing dvd boxes from our stock. They did a really great job.

Now my 4 seconds of fame is over and I am back working full time for Vivid. It been 20 years down the road for me at Vivid. Vivid is much like a shark, constantly moving, never stops. In the last year Steven has make some significant changes they keep us on top. The boxes are harder, the content is excellent, the reviews keep coming in with glowing comments. It makes my job very easy. When you have great product to sell, people want it and love it.

With directors like B Skow making great movies month in and month out, and Axel Braun knocking it out of the ballpark with Batman xxx a porn parody, things are looking very bright.

We were all surprised by the Celeb dvds too this year, the very hot Kendra and Miss Montana Fishburne went thru the roof, as well as Mindy McCready. The good news is there is more to come, this year was really excellent, next year will be better.

See you down the road.

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