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Body Heat and Rescue Puppies

Yes, I realize that this may be one of the most unusual and eclectic blog titles of all time - I plan it that way. Every XCritic blog that I write, I plot and scheme for an even stranger title than the last. One day, I will run out of fresh ideas, and I will run a Twitter contest, but for now, I have enough odd in my life that I'm in the clear. 

So, first of all, there is an epic-tastic new movie from Digital Playground, called Body Heat. It is the most amazing movie that I have ever had the privilege of being involved with. Ok, fine, I'll be honest, it is the most amazing movie of all time. If you are a firefighter, or a paramedic, hell, a human being, you should pick up this movie and check it out. That is my first plug of the night for Body Heat. If that wasn't enough, here's a hot picture of me dressed as a firefighter. Wait until you've finished reading to pleasure yourself. 

In other news, I finally gave in to my urge to be the proud Mom of a small dog. I love my Lab/Great Dane more than anything, but he is kind of hard to take on a plane, to cuddle with at night, and he would probably be very offended by a bedazzled pink collar. Just a guess. So on a brief break from the big movie that I was filming for Digital Playground, I trudged down to the local shelter and began my search for the perfect little companion. 

Let me just say that I HATE going into shelters, because, well, if I had my way, I would adopt every animal and child in the universe. This poses a problem when going to pick one dog from a shelter full of hundreds. Needless to say, my husband pushed me through the aisles as quickly as possible, until I happened upon a very quiet, dark brown Chihuahua mix huddled in a corner, terrified and shivering. 

Well, within about half an hour of playing with her and holding her, I decided without a doubt that she was the one. Filled out the paperwork, and got her out of there. I am happy to report that she is the sweetest little thing that I have ever seen, I named her Aria, and she is currently being laden with many pink, bedazzled clothing, as well as some very cool doggy jerseys and Harley jackets to keep up her street cred.

Here is a picture of her so that you can know what I'm yammering on about every day on Twitter ;) 

And with that, back to Body Heat. It's going to win the award for best movie ever made (a little nod to the movie Talladega Nights - 10 points if you got that). And now I'm going to ply you with more pictures so that you can enjoy them however you wish. :)

Now you're asking yourself, where do I go to purchase/download this epic movie? Well, my friend, I have the answer. 

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