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The life of Riley originates from the Irish/American soldiers in WWI. It was first used in a letter from Private Walter J. Kennedy. He wrote in a piece published in The Syracuse Herald about how who lives this "Life of Riley" was living in fine eats and fine experiences. Not to be mistaken-this life wasn't the kind of freeloading or living off anyone elses fortune, it wasn't a negative thing. It simply meant living a kept or advantaged life.

Who, or even if there was a "Riley" that the meaning was based upon was never really known. I had my first spa trip, and it was life changing. I had so much fun I walked out of there with a full membership. I surrendered to savannah, it was a bath-first of all I was thinking how weird it sounds to be giving a 23-year old, perfectly healthy girl a bath.. (That's not on a porn set) but after that, bathe me all you want! I'd much rather have someone else give me a bath then do it myself haha!! It was a series of oils, exfoliations, scrubs and muds.

First you lay down, the hot water falls on you with perfect pressure, then comes in the exfoliations followed by oils, muds, scrubs, and after each process, I couldn't help but getting off to the feeling the hot water slowly dripping down my pussy. It was so relaxing. I think spa trips are in order now..

Riley Steel Naked

I've been quite the busy bee. Since being home from Romania I've shot 2 new Riley Steele features for Digital Playground, had the Piranha 3D premiere, ranked the top porn star on IMDB, had a segment on E! News (which I was ecstatic about since all I watch is E) also just rapped up our second big feature of the year. This one was a very long shoot.. Nearly 16 days at 12-17 hour day long shoots. The final product will be well worth it. I don't know how but every movie we do just keeps getting better and better.

After that shoot we had a signing at Hustler Hollywood to promote our latest big budget release, Body Heat. And if you haven't seen it yet or been reading the reviews on it, I'll fill you in; Body Heat is being called the best pornographic film EVER made,( untill the movie we just wrapped up comes out of course) And today I find myself on the back of an elephant, in South Africa, standing right next to Rhinos. Never in my life had I imagined I would get these opportunities, and I feel so blessed and thankful for everything that's been happening for me. Oh ya, the real reason I'm here is for Sexpo ;)

This has been a huge year for me and hope this train isn't slowing down anytime soon. Up before I know it will be the AVN awards and I must find the prefect dresses to host in. It's a new day, it's a new time, I'm surrounded by good people with good souls. And I know I will take the future on with no fear.

This is My Life of Riley.

xoxox Ry

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the end ..

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