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Chanel Preston

Monkey Butts!

This last weekend I had the pleasure of being invited to NightMoves Award Show in Florida. Four days in Tampa Bay with sexy and slightly intoxicated porn stars, cigarettes, strippers, wonderful fans and IHOP. What more could I ask for? I had a lot of fun being there at all the strip clubs where we spent a few hours each night signing autographs and staring at naked strippers. As for the actual award show, I won Best New Starlet Editor's Choice! I was very excited, and it was the first award I have received since getting into the industry this past January.

I spent a few of the days being pretty busy during the day going on radio shows and doing homework, but fortunately I was able to set aside my work for a few hours to go to the zoo with my new friend, Raven Alexis. I know it doesn't seem like the first thing a porn star would be interesting in doing after waking up from a long night of naked debauchery at the strip club, but I thought it would be educational and humbling... actually, I just couldn't think of anything else to do, and it was either that or the alligator farm in the back yard of someone's house, which was too far away to go to anyway. So, the zoo it was, and it was educational in so many ways. I learned all kinds of things about penguins, though I have forgotten the information since. Desiring one as a pet, I imagined the newspaper headline of "Adult film star kidnaps a penguin". They were really cute.

Next we saw a lot monkeys hootin' and hollerin' at each other, but best of all we got to see the gorillas or chimps or something in the monkey family. There we all were staring at the beautiful animals probably thinking, "Wow, animals are so regal and amazing." Then the female turns her ass and weird looking vagina towards us and sticks her finger right in her butt. It was one of those situations where you wanted to turn away because you felt like you should but there was no way you were going to miss out on seeing a monkey shove her finger in her ass. After the delightful (I'm assuming) penetration, the female walked over to the male and shoved her poo-poo finger in the male's nose. I could almost hear the male saying, "What are you doing? Get your stinky finger out of my nose you sicko!" And she was like, "Come on, smell it. It smells interesting, don't you think?"  We sat there for probably a little too long watching this, then finished up the visit with some sting rays and a creepy dinosaur turtle who kept looking at me funny.

Now that I have completely turned everyone on, I hope everybody visits the zoo and gets the chance to experience the excitement as I did.

Thanks again to NightMoves Magazine for an amazing four days in Tampa and the honor of being named their Best New Starlet!



And now, some photos from the zoo.  Go to www.NightMoves-Online.com for pics from the show.

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