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Red Riding Hood XXX

As some of you may know, Mile High Media released it's first movie under it's newest name, A Triple X Parody.  The movie is entitled Red Riding Hood XXX, and I had the great pleasure of writing, producing and directing this folk tale turned modern-day porn parody.

Upon writing the script, I knew exactly who I wanted to be my "Red".  She had to be young, fresh, vibrant, fun, innocent and really dirty all wrapped into one girl.  And that is none other than Lexi Belle.  Knowing we were all on board with her being the main character really made it a fun and smooth script writing experience.  I also knew that I wanted to keep the core of the story more or less the same.  Meaning- the story of Red Riding Hood is already very symbolic in itself.  I see it as a cautionary tale.  And no matter where you are, or who you are, there's always someone that's going to try to detour you from the "good" path.  Throughout it's many years, the story has been told hundreds of different ways, So I wasn't trying to "reinvent" it.  I just knew I wanted to add elements of sexiness, despair, good and evil, combined with really good sex.  And I think it all came together pretty nicely.  

Since this was my first feature film to direct, naturally I went at it with a lot of deliberation.  I tried to pay as much attention to detail as I could.  And it's great because I had so much fun prepping and shopping for the movie, that shooting it and watching it all come to life was better then I could've "crystal balled" it.

The cast was also really cool.  I think as directors (and this may be just my opinion so don't hold all others to it)  that sometimes we book the talent in hopes that they "might" mesh well, or "might" be able to deliver their lines.  But this cast really got it.  They got what I was going for, and at times took it beyond that.  I remember shooting the scene where Wolfe's assistant went to grandma's house.  I had told the two of them to banter back and forth through the door of the room and bathroom where grandma was tied up.  I knew this would be hard for Grandma (Magdalene St. Michaels) being that she had a robe tie shoved in her mouth.  But when I called action, the two of them really went at it, ad-libbing banter.  Then the woman (Juelz Ventura) pulls her out and shows her how she really wanted to shut her up.

Another really cool scene was the dream that Red had about the Big Bad Wolf (Anthony Rosano).  She'd never seen this "man" before.. and she had no idea that she was dreaming.  The scream she let out, and the momentum of the dialogue was so entertaining to me.  I don't want to give too  much of the movie away.  So I'll stop there.

The point is, is that there are some things you just can't plan... and they turn out better than you hope for.  And I'm pretty sure it's those moments, along with seeing a great project come to life, that will keep me loving my new gig as a director.  

Here are some shots from the movie.  I hope they entice you a little and make you want to see my first skin flick!  Thanks for all your support and I hope you like the movie!  

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