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Chanel Preston

Poo Vs Porn!

Channel Preston

I was told recently by someone very close to me that I don't contribute to society in any way because of what I do. Is this true? Do I do NOTHING for society as a porn star?

In an episode of Jackass I remember witnessing Johnny Knoxville lick a ding-a-ling (a piece of poo dried to hair) off of a farm animal. Last week I made sweet, passionate love to a beautiful man, and it happened to of been filmed. Which person contributes less to society? Now don't think I am knocking Johnny Knoxville--he can be very entertaining. The point I am making is the moment it involves sex movies are labeled x-rated and nasty and inappropriate, yet eating doo doo is funny and hilarious and ok to show in mainstream theaters, as long as he's not having sex at the same time.

Isn't sex natural? And in general, doesn't everyone do it and really like it? And isn't eating poo unnatural and not very many people like to do it? I see. Let's show something totally off the wall that only a few human beings would attempt, and we'll rate it PG-13, meaning "most anyone can watch it." If it shows sex, we'll rate it X, meaning "nobody wants to or should be allowed to see this ridiculous, disgusting behavior."

It seems what we're saying is it's OK to be an entertainer and catapult yourself into the air in a port-a-potty or shove a toy car up your butt hole, but it's definitely not OK to be an entertainer in the sex industry. Those who lick poo get tons of money, movie deals and representation, and those in the sex industry get shunned and blurred out.

We're not all saints in this industry, but the mainstream movie industry isn't batting 1000 either. I'm not trying to get everyone to watch porn, but I want them to understand that we are a form of entertainment and people in our world vote and pay taxes just like everyone else. We're perfectly capable of leading normal, well educated lives. So hip-hip-hooray for the porn industry!

-xo Chanel

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